Not as good as the original

User Rating: 7.6 | Guild Wars Factions PC
Guild Wars Factions is much different from the original Guild Wars.However,the graphics and game play are pretty much the same. The artwork now is much different with more of an eastern inspired look and architecture.The story in this game is what is most disappointing.There are only 13 missions making it seemed rush.As well as the quests that could level you up to at least level 10 in a matter of a few hours.The quest rewards can be as much as 3,500 experience.There is surprisingly, a reason for this.The 13 missions that you go through are much more challenging than the original.Once your on the 4th mission chances are you will be level 20 (by the way if you're not you have no chance of winning).Overall Guild Wars Factions is both more of the same but with many differences than the original game.