A must have for paintball gamers and real paintballers

User Rating: 9.1 | Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd XBOX
The single to a great game and a lot more fun than the first.

The gameplay on the game was surprisingly good. When I first played the game on career mode, i noticed that everything was pretty much the same. I thought, oh great im just gunna waste my time playing this game. Amazingly, once I started playing the game for a while(getting a better gun than the starting gun) I was enjoying the game. I thought, oh that is probably as much fun as im gunna have in this game and it will only last for a while. Well, once again, i was wrong. My friend came over and i played an exbidition with him. It was so much fun!!! We couldn't stop playing it. Then we tryed the career mode and co-op and it was even funner. That was a major advancement in this game and the reason why it is so great. There was also a lot of new guns to use that you could get really fast which was great.

The graphics on this game are great. They looked great and there was nothing wrong with them except one thing. When you get shot the paintballs are 2-D so when they move after they get shot it show the splat not even on them.

The on this game is the one of the best. The guns sound great and I was suprised when I noticed that each of the guns have there own sound and was great to listen to. I also liked the sound it made when you shoot the bunkers with your gun.

Overall, this game is amazing and I reccomend it to anyone. Since I paintball it added a lot more action and fun to the game.