The review of a paintballing rookie.

User Rating: 9.3 | Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd XBOX
Well, I have played some paint ball in real life, I am not an expert, I have never been in a tournament, but I have played some real paintball, and first off, it catches the feel pretty well, The planning before the matches is a must if you want to do good, and I think it is a great addition to the game, compared to the original. Now I find it nice how they made it so the starting team mates can not break shoot, and will not burn fire, now for those that dont know, from what I understand, break shooting is just a wild firing when you break fromt he starting point, and burn shooting is just choosing a spot and unloading every ballin your starting hopper, but besides that, I LOVE the feild editor, not only do you get to make some good feilds if you know what your doing, you can also use it to help plan out some feilds to try to build in real life, though the scale might be different...The game does a good job of catching the speed needed to stay alive, and the accuracy of the guns, I also like how they are all based off of real guns, the only thing that supprised me is they have Spider and Tippman and most of the well known guns, BUT it supprised me they did not have any piranna class guns...Like the Evo or something, but oh well, they have plenty of guns, I also loved the skill building things, though it depends on the skill of the player too, however upgrading your skills to match your style helps ALOT...If you use alot of paint, make sure to increase your reloading first, but if your a forward, increase your speed and marker handling. THey catch the sounds of the markers *paint ball guns* shooting very well.