GTA V: Was this sequel to the franchise worth the wait?

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V XONE

I just want to start to say that while this review is for real and i'm sorry for not reviewing it sooner, it will also be basing this review based on what I saw during my time playing and from what I saw from other people's gameplay. This review for GTA online is based on GTA Online after the After Hours dlc.

I want to start by saying that this game is near perfect, both story mode and online. The story mode is a well-crafted story bridging the lives and exploits of 3 troubled individuals. The story mode is also funny, albeit a bit controversial. The story follows 3 characters with criminal pasts; Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Each character you play as has their own special ability. I think that the special abilities can be hard to activate at first but will become easier as you progress. Franklin's ability lets him slow down time while in a vehicle, which is great for maneuvering around cars on a busy highway. Michael's ability also slows own time for him, giving him the ability to increase his marksmanship. Trevor's ability allows him to go on a killing rampage giving him invincibility. The world is very well crafted and very accurate to the point of it feeling like you're actually in los angeles. the characters that you meet are cool, the cars are plentiful and the weapons are deadly. the only downside to the story is that a good amount of the humor is based on the stereotypes of each and every character, including the female characters, which is funny at first but grows a bit stale after a while (well at least for me.) Story mode also contains glitches that can also be another source of humor.

Online mode is described in one sentence: it's basically something that can be liked by any fan of any genre.

Online mode is described in one sentence: it's basically something that can be liked by any fan of any genre. it has RPG elements such as having the ability to upgrade your skills in things in things like strength, stamina, shooting, stealth. it has racing modes for fans of forza or any other racing game. it has hests for fans of payday. and so much more. Online mode is something for everyone from what i've played. there is a lot to do in the game. but the problems can stem from who you're in a lobby with. i'm saying that the public lobbies can get very toxic. so toxic that you won't play online if it's in a public lobby. another problem stems from how once you've done everything, there isn't much to do besides playing freemode.