Multiplayer disaster

User Rating: 1 | Grand Theft Auto V XONE

The game is great for following the old school tradition of the GTA game line but online multiplayer is in the ditch. I have bought a half dozen or so discs to play with family spread throughout the country over the last six months. What a waste of money! We can't play a single session without one of us being kicked off the server. That is if we are lucky enough to even get on a session!. Half of the missions that we start will end abruptly or the cops will interrupt due to the glitches in their system. Game saves are a joke. Most of the time rock-star servers are temporarily out of service. The system admin will say in their trouble shooting guide that it is your internet speeds or something to totally pass the buck, but running the tests confirming you have double their speed requirements and opening modem settings do nothing to resolve the fact that its their platform that is a piece of crap. My advice? Save your money if you want to play online with family! They charge way more than is necessary for in game cash and then you can't consistently even play the game without session hopping.