KING of all open-world games

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3
Well, Rockstar Games still claims to be the best creator of open-world games. From all pf their GTA games, GTA V is obviously the best. Disregard the graphics (bcoz' it's obviously the best) GTA V has the most number of things to do. Aside from robbing, killing, driving over innocent civilians, raging cops, visiting strip clubs, drug wars.. you can do a lot more. From stocks exchange investment, buying cars thru websites, complete vehicles (like San Andreas) tanks, choppers, airplanes and jet planes, doing heists, and the best part, car customization. Customize your stolen or bought sports car, from performance to appearance. Also the missions are like those in the movies especially the first major heist mission, the jewelry shop robbery. Damn I was like watching the Italian Job movie.