The game is a good mafia game

User Rating: 7.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
The game gives you the feeling of being a part of the mob where you do the missions like its your job(it is , just gives u a feeling ov bein a mobster or sum)
It isnt to much fun runnin round after u have completed the game but Ill tell you this.... its a good game to bring with you if your going on a vacation.... like when your waiting on the airport or bored in the plane, nah mean? Also good playing home .. but then u probably got a better game for ps3 :P Its not the biggest game..... but a whole bunch ov fun....... U can drive a cab (though u got to short time! my opinion) five-o (Though its nuttin like the police work on gta IV) firetruck(not to much fun) and ambulanse ( Its good for the dough and not to bad).I hope y'all enjoy this game and do not hesitate to buy this game if u enjoy gta vice city or sum like dat s h i t... Its kinda like gta vice city actually... ur not the same guy though... but who cares? :D

so I hope y'all enjoy this game as much as I did ( or more)

Good luck y'all :D