You can basicaly say this is the game to have if you own a PSP.

User Rating: 9.2 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
I never thought I would see it, a portable GTA game that can be compared with console GTA's. But here it is, and if you have a PSP, you must get this game. GTA Liberty City Stories is the title that will headline the PSP for years to come, and extreme fans of the franchise should look to purchase the PSP and pick up this title the very second they lay their hands on the portable system.

The storyline takes place in Liberty City, and fits in perfectly with the franchise. If you've played GTA 3 and/or Vice City, you will feel at home once again, as all the old buildings and landmarks are here in Liberty City once again. You play as Toni Cipriani, a man forced into Liberty City after killing a made man. Toni adjusts to street life and begins working and doing "jobs" for many people, including a powerful buisnessman who looks for his gang to control the streets of Liberty City.

The graphics are very nice, Liberty City and its environment looks beautiful, especially on a portable system. Character models look good. Cutscenes are funny and tie in great with any storyline you might partake in. The only problem in the graphics department would be the frame rate, which is slightly dissapointing. An example of this problem is the fact that you can see a blur of Toni while he runs fast, or drives a car. This is a foul in the game, yet Rockstar probably did their best they could on a portable.

The radio stations are great, staying true to the GTA series; being funny and having plenty of variety of songs and stations. The guns don't sound half bad either. Their are plenty of cars to satisfy me, almost all of them carried over from past GTA games, meaning your old favorites are back, and yes, this time their are motorcycles in Liberty City. All three islands are back, and plenty of storylines and gameplay that go along with them.

Overall, this game packs a ton of hours of fun gameplay. And multiplayer, wow, some of the best on the system, and thats saying a lot (Socom). Plenty of modes, skins, and fun! You'll have to gather some friends and try it for yourself to enjoy what I've enjoyed. Overall, this game is a blockbuster, and is a must-buy.

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