For a psp game there's so much to do!!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
GTA liberty city stories involves a long immersive story line including various side missions and collectibles that keep you playing for more than 40 hours.The few issues dont do to much to stamp out the fun.

The Good: lots of weapons,lots of cars,large sceanary,lots to do in free roam,cars break up nicely,decent mission variety,picking up strippers and having "fun" is cool,cars steer suprisingly realisticly,cheats are so fun to use,

The Bad: unsteady frame rate,awful respawn system,physics are occasionally frustrating

There arn't many bad points so i'll focus on them to start with, the main area of the game that really annoys me is the way that each time you die you loose all your weapons and some of your money.Also if your in a mission then you fail it and have to start right from the beginning even if your'e about to complete it,you respawn in the hospital from which you have to go and buy your weapons back and then go all the way to the mission and start again, fraustration city!!!!

The other issue is occasional weird physics where heavy hummer vans will barrel roll upon gentley tapping a curb,this sometimes leaves you sitting there simply gawping and repeating wtf!

for those of you who have played driver 3 or 76 you will find gta similar but with brighter and more attractive visuals and a way longer and more complex story.

The only other thing i can say is that if you like free roam driving/shooting games then you will be very addicted to GTA.

feel free to message me with any questions