Amazing. Like the first and second for PSX, but with the newer game features.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
- Great graphics
- Amazing storyline / missions
- Many safehouses (That can be purchased throughout the game).
- Drug dealing investments (And the thrill of running from the cops when "It's a bust!").
- Awesome use of the touch screen (Hotwiring, GPS, Defusing bombs...ect).
- Many guns/weapons and cars.
- Huge island.
- Many settings. (Auto allign for roads and Top screen GPS are musts!).
- You can order things off the Ammu-Nation website, and pick up your package at a safehouse.

- Motorcycles (Sanchez/Angel/Chopper Ect.) go a little too fast.
- Bumping in to cop cars automatically gives one star (When you have zero stars).
- Toll paying. - It's Grand Theft Auto! We don't pay no tolls!
- Safehouses are almost all the same.

Conclusion: One of the best games for the DS. It can please old GTA I and II fans with the older view, and later GTA fans with the drug dealing, and newer features.

Review made: 15% Completed with GTA: Chinatown Wars.