This game is amazing

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
This game is awesome and really addictive and a must play game.

The Best

The good thing is that this game is extremely addictive with really fun missions and a great story and very easy controls that you can get used to and the controls aren't frustrating and I think that these things make it the best GTA game ever released.

The Bad

The bad things about this game is that it has some frustrating missions like where u have to save five people at different locations and you also have to get them to a tattoo shop with a certain time limit and so that makes the game sorta bad but overall that's not that bad.there also only voice cut scenes but that isn't to bad because the game's still good.

The very Bad

The very bad is nothing because this is an amazing game and even if those bad things come up you will still have a blast playing GTA Chinatown Wars.