One of the best F1 Simulations of all time.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Prix II PC
Geoff Crammond was again responsible for this epic update on the previous F1 GP (a.k.a World Circuit) released in 1991.

This was one of the best F1 Simulators available for quite some time. Even to this day their still are many fans and modders who add updates to this title.

This was one of the first F1 racing simulators to include texture mapping and it contained the most realistic physics out of any of the driving sims released at the time.

F1 GP2 contained the 1994 F1 Racing season. With all of the 16 circuits and 28 drivers in the 14 racing teams from that season.

This update also allowed modem link-up and multiplayer gaming.

The inclusions of a replay (last 30 seconds) and save game feature (allowing to save current championship position) are present. The replays can be saved for later viewing.

This game also replicated real car issues such as electronic, engine and gear box failures. Usually with disastrous consequences.

Such as the car producing smoke or bursting into flames. Whilst still being able to usually drive for a short amount of time. Then parking on the side of the circuit, then wheeled into the pits.

This was one of the first racing simulators to have such visual failures implemented.

Older sims often only had the car explode, be taken to the pits for repair or the race being restarted.

Multiple camera angles can also be selected in this update. Including a TV Coverage style camera angle.

The game also includes a quick race and practice mode to familiarise yourself of all of the tracks before entering the championship season.

Overall this game is a must try for any avid F1 racing simulator fan. The later updates are also a must.