Grand Prix II is an excellent creation, it gives hope to gamers that racing games wont go out of style. good gameplay.

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Prix II PC
I first played F1GP2 on my first Pentium CPU. A 75 Mhz with 1 MB graphics. This game blew me away. The graphics and sound were amazing, but the driving was even better.

The game was very easy to begin, with auto brakes and shifting and ideal line display and many other help tools. The better I got, the better the game was. All I had to do was turn off those tools and upgrade my competition. After a while I saw how the car could be made faster and started to use car setup. After a month I was competing with my friends for the fastest lap on the Monza course. And I won.

The core of the game of the game was it's Season. Racing on all current tracks for either a full race or shorter. I would play every Sunday after the F1 race was over on TV.

The thing that made this game last were the fans. You can still find tons of updates and mods and tracks and other tools for the game on the Internet. There was even a season 2004 package somewhere.

I played this game from time to time for about five years and in all that time it never got old. I tried it again last month and the graphics are still pretty good, the sound is almost up to date, but most important of all, I have never played a racing game that could equal the driving and realism and the fun of F1GP2.