The best F1 game of all time

User Rating: 10 | Grand Prix II PC
Grand Prix 2 is still the greatest Formula 1 game of all time. Great graphics, easy to learn, but hard to master gameplay, photo-realistic tracks, and all the cars and drivers from the 1994 F1 Championship (except from the late Ayrton Senna, replaced both in real life and in the game by Damon Hill).

The game also presents a lot of setup options, and you really can feel the modifications working (or don't) while racing. The best way to master the game? Practice. Lots, tons, very much practice.

For the beginners, there are a lot of driving aids available, from automatic brakes to best racing line. The harder the level you play, the less driving aids available.

Another big point is the game manual. I have the British version of the game, and the manual is a true F1 class. Beyond the controls and options, Microprose presented a lot of driving hints, driver, team and track biographies, and a lot og great photos from the 1994 season. That's a real book!

Also, there are lots of mods available online, from oval tracks (how about Indianapolis) to great fictious tracks (for example, a rally-like ice track!), and car liveries from past and future seasons.

A true classic. There are two good sequels, but the impact of GP2 is still remarkable.