Great game but over hyped

User Rating: 9 | God of War PC

God of War is an excellent game. The graphics are outstanding and the detail is incredible. This 4 year old PS4 game newly released on PC is very well optimised console port which runs buttery smooth. There has been so much hype surrounding this game I couldn't wait to play it, however I find it very linear, there are invisible walls, Kratos the main protagonist is a one dimensional unlikeable character, and his son is annoying. The game is mostly just hack and slash followed by physics puzzles repeatedly, with long boss fights.

The main bugbear for me is that the story is very slow - you are a third of the way through the game (around 12 hours) before the story actually starts. That said the game is quite addictive, with some fun combat and a satisfying levelling system. This is a very long game with lots to do (despite it being very repetitive).

The epic music score is beautiful and sound effects great.

I was hyped for this game as many say it's the best game ever made and all the reviews give it a 10, but in my opinion Witcher 3 still retains this title, even Horizon Zero Dawn and Shadow of the Tomb raider are better.

With Nvidia DLSS enabled I get an amazing 120 - 130 FPS at 4k high settings

Graphics 10

Sound 10

Gameplay 9

Story 7

Stability 10

Value for money 10

Fun Factor 9

Overall 9 - Superb

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