Great Game. Nuff Said.

User Rating: 9.5 | Global Agenda PC
Compare this game to TF2/Planetside/Tabula Rasa/WoW all you want, but honestly I'm tired of hearing everyone compare this game to others. When it comes down to it all games take certain aspects from others and by comparing this one just creates this weird expectation. When a good game is created it should be respected and given credit when its deserved. In my opinion Global Agenda provides a game play that is unique and fun in its own way.
It's a Third Person shooter with four character classes to play, Robotics, Assault, Recon, and Medic. The leveling system is very unique where the max level is 50 yet you can only earn 13 skill points to be assigned into a talent tree. The last time you receive skill points is level 30 where receiving your last piece of equipment is 29. Which brings me to an important topic. Just by having money does not mean you can get pwnage armor. The armor is simply cosmetic where the real assets are the equipment unlocked every other odd level. This allows a level 10 assault to compete without a completely insane disadvantage against a level 30 recon.
There are upgrades that can be created by acquiring blueprints and mats through the PvE game play. PvE has five game types that are Low, Medium, High, Maximum and Double Agent where two players are on the NPC's side to provide even more of a challenge for PvE game play. Along with PvE there's also PvP missions that can be joined. The mission types in PvP rotate and help prepare you for the main show in this game.
AvA.Instead of Guilds there's Agencies and these Agencies can form Alliances that compete for territory in regions that are open at specific time frames in the day in order to ensure you keep your territory when you go to sleep. This is a highly complex and innovative game play type that can't be explained in this review.
The Gameplay is soul of this game and I can't convey how much fun it is. So, check this game out and go into it with an open mind. For Me =P