Whats there is good, but there is a lot of room for expansion.

User Rating: 7.5 | Global Agenda PC
Global Agenda is a shooter, rpg, and MMO all wrapped up in one. As other people have said, there are a lot of context that seems to be pulled out from TF2. Lets start off with making a character. When you make a character, you'll be asked if you want to hit the tutorial or straight to the game, i recommend the tutorial, so far its the only bit of story in the whole game. After the tutorial (or right as you spawn in dome city if you chose to skip it), you'll have to set up your equipment; this is a pretty neat feature of Global Agenda. Every class (Assault, Medic, Robotic, Recon) has its pros and cons, and every class has special devices and weapons that none of the others have, this leads to a wide span of playstyles. Anyways, you do PvP or PvE missions to level up, and as you level up you unlock more devices, weapons, and specialties. The amount of customization is very good, you have 15 device points to use (every device,ranged weapon, and specialty use device points; melee weapons, jetpack, and boost dont use any device points), every device, ranged weapon, and specialty have 4 different levels, 1 being the weakest to 4 being the strongest, however their level reflects how many device points they use up, so you cant have all your devices (you can have 3 at a time), specialty, and weapon at the 4th level, as this would require 20 device points, and you only have 15, therefore, you pick and choose what equipment to carry around and how strong it is compared to the others. As you level up, you unlock new devices, weapons, and specialties, along with gaining skill points. Skill points are used to passively improve your character, and are much more useful than upgrades (explained later).

Combat is pretty straightforward, use your number keys to select the device/weapon/specialty you want to use and right click to use them (some have secondary fire), all this is done through third person, with the exception of zooming in to fire. Oh and just a sidenote, in case you didnt know, there is no "click to target and button mash" in Global Agenda, which is a breath of fresh air in an MMO, as skill plays a much bigger part.

Next up is PvE. Global Agenda seems like a very small game to me. The PvE is good, but there isnt anywhere close to the amount of variation that other MMOs have. When you want to do a mission (PvE or PvP that isnt conquest based), you bring up the mission screen and queue for one, there are 5 different categories of PvE missions, low security, medium security, high security, max security, and double agent. Once you choose one and get into a queue, a while after (usually seconds after) you get a notification saying that the mission is ready, and shows you your teammates and asks if you want to accept the mission or not. If you click yes, you're put into an instance with the 3 other people. The objective is the exact same each and every time, shoot your way to the boss and try to kill it before the mission timer runs out. This can be fun, but if you go any higher than Medium Security it can be very frustrating if you dont have a premade team, this is because premade teams are usually more organized; teams that are put together in queue have a much higher fail rate. These missions are fun, but the lack of variation in maps (there is some variations, especially if you go higher than Med Sec) can make it boring after a while, even though the maps that ARE there are quite well put together. However, you may have noticed that since PvE missions are done by simply queuing, there is absolutely NO story at all, this can be a heavy hitter for some people, including me; when it comes to MMOs, I like good storylines and motivation in my missions/quests, the missions of Global Agenda have neither, which is obviously a drag. However it has been announced that Hi-Rez is working on a storyline, but there has yet to be an approximation as to when they will implement it, leaving me to think that it is quite a while off.

PvP is alright, conquest is probably the highlight of the game but isnt worth 15$ a month, not only is it not too engaging, but there is a very, very large amount of Agency (guild) Drama if the leaders disagree in an Alliance, this can sometimes make Conquest a migraine to do. However the highlight of this is that, in conquest, you can make vehicles from the resources your agency captures on the conquest map, along with the factories. The conquest map is like a giant version of the normal mission map, and its all instance based. Basically, you attack and defend with a maximum of 10 people on each side, there is no such thing as large scale battles in Global Agenda. Regardless, if all goes right, conquest can be fun and engaging, but I digress from the subject of normal PvP. Normal PvP is the same process as doing PvE missions, you queue up and wait for a team to form. However, unlike PvE missions, you dont choose which mission you do, which can be very frustrating if you end up with a game mode you despise, and team balance is an issue. On the bright side, Hi-Rez has said that they are working on this also the player will be able to choose what mode they play, eventually.

Exploration is almost nonexistent, this is mainly due to A) the missions are timed and therefore you dont want to dick around exploring, B) The maps basically have nowhere to explore, they are very linear, and C) when out of missions EVERYONE is in a place called Dome City; you will never leave it unless you go to a mission. While I am on the note of Dome City, let me tell you a little bit about it. First of all, its not that big, it has all the things you need, but nowhere to explore. Secondly (and perhaps most annoying) you can never get out of Dome City and see the world of Global Agenda, which is quite ironic, i mean, it is "Global" Agenda, not "Confined Space" Agenda. However on a brighter note, Hi-Rez said that they are working on this too, and along with a storyline you will be able to exit dome city to experience all thats out there, with this improvement, it could really make the game more enjoyable.

Personally speaking, i think there is a lot of work to be done on things like armor and upgrades. First off, Armor is purely aesthetic, thats right, no such thing as armor rating, and it doesnt help your stats just makes you look cool. To make up for this, there are "Upgrades" which increase your stats, like improving ranged damage, ranged defense, energy regen, improving health, etc etc. Unfortunately, the easiest ones to get a hold of (uncommon) barely make a difference at all; every uncommon upgrade is the same, it increases something by 1%, this is kind of effective since you have 10 (pretty sure its 10) different upgrade places, but like i said it can be costly to make.

The crafting system is pretty bland. You make upgrades with things you find in PvE missions, and the ones that are good take a long time to make; so unless you have a **** of cash or a ton of materials, youre SoL when it comes to improving your character via upgrades, however as previously stated, skillpoints make up for it, atleast somewhat.

Things i forgot to mention: Loot system is 100% crafting based; there are no weapon, armor, or equipment drops, but this isnt nearly as bad as it would be if there wasnt such great customization. As you may have noticed, everything in Global Agenda is team-based, there is no single player, no soloing, this isnt too big of a deal as its an MMO and meant to be played with other people, but as some of us know, soloing in an MMO can be fun, and im hoping they will implement this later on.

In final analysis, whats there is fun, and with GA being free to play (aside from conquest) it is worth the 50$, however i say this mainly because Hi-Rez has already released information on what they are working on next, and there is a lot of upcoming content that will really expand the game, but i cant help but feel that the scramble to add on extra content couldve been avoided if they didnt release for another 2 months or so. Regardless, Global Agenda is fun, and its probably going to be fantastic when Hi-Rez makes some updates. 7.5/10