This blade could have been sharper.

User Rating: 6 | Ghost of Tsushima PS4

The Ghost of Tsushima had promise in some ways, but falls pretty short of entertaining in others.


  • The game is absolutely gorgeous looking. I've never before been compelled to take a screen shot so often.
  • Parts of the main story are truly compelling and can be utterly heartbreaking.
  • The option to play as if in a Kurosawa film, is genuinely inventive and will make any samurai/film buff absolutely giddy.


  • The game can be incredibly repetitious and boring. Performing many of the same kinds of tasks over and over again delves into the monotonous.
  • I'm a seasoned gamer and I could never master the timing in combat. This could have used some fine tuning or a different engine all together.
  • Fighting indoors can be incredibly frustrating. The clipping and positing of the camera in internal environments can often make combat infinitely more difficult.

There are moments far, few and in between in Ghost of Tsushima that are truly satisfying. For the most part, it's nice to look at. It's what's on the inside that leaves it feeling hollow.