Sheath your swords and go home..

User Rating: 3 | Ghost of Tsushima PS4

How can you call this game a masterpiece? What is WRONG with the gaming community?

Dull main story, the side quest has more bite to them story wise, but but they are long with to many episodes.. OH, and you can not skip cutscenes. Pretty much kills replay-ability. The missions was all the same, go to a camp, clear out enemies or investigate footprints and follow them to a very predictable outcome..

It is stuffed to the brim with collectables in classic rinse and repeat behaviour. Chasing foxes, writing boring haiku poems, clearing camps, rescuing captured civilians and collecting crap you don´t need. on and on...Even Days Gone was more exciting than this game.

What is the point of collecting 30 sets of swords when they have ZERO attributes to them. Same goes for certain wearables. This is lazy work. "Yeah just throw it in for content. Great work Sucker Punch..

Worst of all. The camera is awful in combat situations and stealth is very much broken.

By Act 3, all the nice landscape colours where gone and the game was very hard to go on with. I played this game for hours in the beginning but cut down to 30 minute sessions because i was bored to death, literally yawning of it.

The most overhyped game since No Man's Sky. There were better open world games made 10-15 years ago than this drivel.