Good game to spend a weekend

User Rating: 8 | Gears 5 XONE

This is the kind of game that you never get bored. Since the beginning you get stuck to the game till the end.

For those who have played Gears of war before know that the game has a good story behind and Gears 5 is not the exception. Gears 5 starts where Gears 4 was left off. The story here develops very well in depth and character development considering the type of game. There is a robot that assists you through the game which needs to be upgrade, this is good addition to the game.

This one has slightly better graphics taken advantage of the 4K HDR and Xbox one X capabilities which make it stunning.

The sounds and soundtrack were always good enough.

A thing that surprices me was that this game was included as part of the game pass since the launch (or even earlier) which makes it a well thought initiative to promote larger player signing in in Game pass Ultimate.