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You Are Empty Cheats For PC

  1. Weapon Cheat

    During gameplay press ~ key to open the console then type :

    give x

    where x is

    Effect Effect
    weapon_thunder Electro Gun
    ammo_thunder electrogun and flame thrower ammo
    weapon_thunder_fire flame thrower
    weapon_grenade grenade
    weapon_maxim Heavy Machine Gun
    ammo_maxim Heavy Machine Gun ammo
    item_medikit_large large medikit
    weapon_bottle Molotov Cocktail
    weapon_nailgun nailgun
    ammo_nailgun nailgun ammo
    weapon_mauzer pistol
    ammo_mauzer pistol ammo
    weapon_rifle rifle
    ammo_rifle rifle & sniper rifle ammo
    weapon_obrez shotgun
    ammo_obrez shotgun ammo
    item_medikit_small small medikit
    weapon_rifle_sniper Sniper rifle
    weapon_machinegun Sub Machine Gun
    ammo_ppsh Sub Machine Gun ammo
    weapon_spanner wrench

    Contributed by: Panzer_Jager