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Wipeout Pure Cheats For PSP

  1. Speed Boost

    If you press the accelerator the exact moment the light turns green to "GO" you start off with a nitro speed boost.

    Contributed by: JustChillin 

  2. Gallery Art

    Under Profile -> Progress, press X button on races you won with a GOLD medal and it will show you a piece of art.

    Contributed by: Raenrek 

  3. Karbonis Classic Track

    To unlock this track, simply place gold in all 8 Alpha and Beta League Courses with the Single Race mode of Single Player. When all 8 races have golds, you'll be notified of your unlocking of the highly retro yet uber stylized Karbonis track in the Classic League.

    Contributed by: sheppyboy2000 

  4. Livery Ships

    To unlock Livery mode, you have to beat Ascension Tournament with the Flash Class. If you use Livery mode, the ships will look a wee bit different.

    Contributed by: Montyalbo 

  5. Sagarmartha Classic Track

    To unlock Sagarmartha get 25 Gold Medals.

    Contributed by: Funtastik 

  6. Manor Top Classic Track

    To unlock this classic track gain 40 Gold Medals.

    Contributed by: Funtastik 

  7. Mandarshee Classic Track

    To unlock this classic track earn 60 Gold Medals.

    Contributed by: Funtastik 

  8. Medals needed to unlock rank

    0 golds: Rookie
    12 golds: Trainee
    24 golds: Amateur
    36 golds: Geek
    48 golds: Enthusiast
    60 golds: Addict
    72 golds: Veteran
    84 golds: Master
    96 golds: Ace
    108 golds: Guru
    120 golds: Junkie
    132 golds: Legend
    144 golds: Purist

    Contributed by: C0de24 

  9. Gamma and Decension Tournaments

    To unlock the Gamma and Decension Tournaments, place a gold, silver, or bronze medal in all four Gamma tracks.

    Contributed by: Syffer Bidan 

  10. Concept art images

    Each unique individual gold medal that you unlock will unlock a concept art image for display when you highlight it on the Progress section of your profile.

    Contributed by: GBalao888 

  11. Unlock tournaments

    When you participate in a tournament race, you have to go through 4 or 8 tracks in sequential order, if you complete all the tracks and come out in first place, you unlock a new tournmanent.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Beta Tournament Ascension Tournament
    Beat Alpha Tournament Beta Tournament

    Contributed by: JustChillin 

  12. Unlockables

    To Unlock These Unlockables, You Must Play Through The Game,

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win Beta League Ascension Tournament
    Win Alpha League Citta Nuova
    Win Ascension Tournament On Venom Class Flash
    Get All Gold Medals On Alpha League And Beta League In Single Race Mode Karbonis
    Win Ascension Tournament On Flash Class Livery Mode
    Get 60 Gold Medals Mandrashee
    Get 40 Gold Medals Manor Top
    Get 70 Gold Medals Medievil
    Win Ascension Tournament On Rapier Class Phantom
    Win Ascension Tournament On Flash Class Rapier
    Get 25 Gold Medals Sagarmatha
    Win Alpha League Sebenco Climb
    Win Alpha League Sinucit
    Win Alpha League Sol 2
    Get All Gold Medal In Zone Mode Zone

    Contributed by: Bl3u 

  13. Classic Tournament

    Unlock Classic Tournament for all unlocked classes by obtaining all of the Classic tracks.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Unlock all Classic tracks Classic Tournament

    Contributed by: Xtra_Zero 

  14. Extra Zone Tracks

    You can unlock more tracks in Zone Mode by beating each track with a medal (passing a specific amount of zones).

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Pass 25 zones in Mallavol Coridon 12
    Pass 25 zones in Pro T020 Mallavol
    Pass 30 zones in Coridon 12 Syncopia

    Contributed by: Skye_Blade 

  15. 4 Craft from Download - US only

    This cheat is for the US version only. When selecting the "Download" feature from the main menu, one of the downloads is for the "Secret Packs". To get these packs a secret code must be entered.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Circle, Square, X, Triangle Daxter pack
    Square, X, Triangle, Circle Jak Racing pack
    X, Triangle, Circle, Square Socom 3 pack
    Triangle, Circle, Square, X Socom Fire Team Bravo pack

    Contributed by: Shadow Wedge 

  16. Unlock more classes (cars)

    Each time you beat an acension tournament with your fastest vehicle class, you unlock a new class if you placed high enough overall.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Ascension tournament with Venom Class Flash Class

    Contributed by: JustChillin 

  17. Unlockable Tracks

    Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Tracks

    Accumulate 10 Gold Medals Karbonis
    Accumulate 60 Gold Medals Mandrashee
    Accumulate 40 Gold Medals Manor Top
    Accumulate 25 Gold Medals Sagarmatha

    Contributed by: RaumeRVZ 

  18. Unlockable Ships

    Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Ships

    Accumulate 70 Gold Medals Medievil
    Get All Gold Medals In Zone Mode Zone

    Contributed by: RaumeRVZ 

  19. Medievil Team Unlock

    Attain the Veteran title by earning 70 Gold Medals or more. Check in the Progress section of your profile to see your title.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    70 Gold Medals Medievil team

    Contributed by: Xuse2005 

  20. Phantom Class

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Obtain any medal in Rapier Ascension Phantom Class

    Contributed by: Xtra_Zero 

  21. Unlock New Class

    Get a medal in the Ascension tournament in a class to open up new classes.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Ascension on Flash Rapier Class

    Contributed by: Blump 

  22. Unlock Zone Team

    Get a gold medal on all four Zone tracks-
    Score at least 25 on Pro Tozo and Mallavol.
    Score at least 30 on Coridon 12 and Syncopia.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get a gold medal on all four Zone tracks Zone Team craft

    Contributed by: katamariUK 

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