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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Sound Test

    Press the L button on the Name Entry screen to scroll through different music from the game.

    Contributed by: togepy 

  2. Custom Music in Jump Forever!

    After unlocking the mini-game ''Jump Forever'' jump exactly or over 100 times (this will give you a 100+ score). The next time you go to play the game, you'll have a choice of three custom songs to listen to, the theme to Dribble, the theme to Kat, and a nice country tune.

    Contributed by: Shadow Rider 

  3. Secret Break Animations

    Press A during a break to see a secret animation.

    Contributed by: Sonic X 

  4. Different Stars in Credits

    While viewing the credits, hold the Directional Pad left, right, up, or down to make the stars change into different patterns.

    Contributed by: Phweemaggot 

  5. Credits Easter Eggs

    While viewing the credits option, some buttons can be pressed and or held to change the sound and visuals in the credits option.

    Press L and R to edit the ''sharpness'' of the music. L makes it ''blurrier,'' and R makes it ''sharper.''
    Holding down the L button makes the music sound like it's being played under a pillow, and the flying objects turn red in color.
    Holding down the R button makes the music sound like it's being played through an old radio, and the flying objects turn green in color.

    Holding down a D-Pad direction changes the shape of the flying objects.
    Hold Up to change them into Hearts.
    Hold Left to change them into ''W'''s.
    Hold Down to change them into Triforces.
    Hold Right to change them into Gamecube logos.

    Contributed by: Sketch Tucker 

  6. Alternate Main Menu Music

    In order to get this, unlock the Credits. Then play it through the end (DO NOT press A). When you return to the main menu, you should hear a new, softer music. (Please note that if you enter a minigame, one of the character's microgames, etc. and exit, the main menu music will go back to normal.)

    Contributed by: I am a fish 

  7. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once Boss Mode/Staff Mode
    Beat 2 of the first 3 characters Chicken Race (2-Player)
    Beat any of the first set of 3 characters Chiritorie (2-Player)
    Beat any person from the second set of 3 characters Dong Dong (2-Player)
    Get 20 mails in first Jimmy level Dr. Wario Mini-Game
    Defeat Wario Easy Mode
    Get 21 mails on first Jimmy remix level Fly Swatter Mini-Game
    Beat at least 15 levels on Thrilling Mode Hard Mode
    Beat 2 of the second 3 characters Hurdle (2-Player)
    Beat the first Jimmy level. Jump Forever
    Beat the third Jimmy level Paper Plane Mini-Game
    Get medals on every game in Game Practice Mode Pyoro 2 Mini-Game
    Play every game of every character Pyoro Mini-Game
    Beat the second Jimmy level Skating Board
    Beat Easy Mode with a High Score Thrilling Mode
    Get 25 mails in second Jimmy remix level Wario's Sheriff Mini-Game

    Contributed by: Epyon2050, togepy, SizzlingPlatypus, CAHowell, computerdude33, gta vc owner, CaptainDrakesGhost, Codester 

  8. Unlock Programs

    Beating Certain levels will Unlock New Programs for the WarioWare Game Menu.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat 2 Stages From Dribble. Mona. or 9-Volt. Chicken Race
    Beat Dribble. Mona. or 9-Volt's Stage for The First Time. Chiritorie
    Beat Kat and Ana. Dr. Crygor. or Orbulon's Stage for The First Time. Dong Dong
    Beat 20 Microgames on Jimmy's Stage Dr. Wario
    Beat Jimmy's Stage. Dribble & Spitz/Mona/9-Volt Stages
    Beat Wario's Stage. Easy
    Beat 20 Microgames on Jimmy's First Remix Stage. Fly Swatter
    Beat 15 Microgames on Thrilling Hard
    Beat 2 Stages From Kat and Ana. Dr. Crygor. or Orbulon. Hurdle
    Beat all Dribble. Mona. And 9-Volt's Stages. Jimmy Remix 1
    Beat all Dr. Crygor. Kat and Ana. And Orbulon's Stages. Jimmy Remix 2
    Beat Jimmy's Stage. Jump Forever
    Beat Jimmy's First remix Stage. Kat and Ana/Dr Crygor/Orbulon's Stages
    Beat Jimmy's Second remix Stage. Paper Plane
    Unlock all Microgames in The Grid. Pyoro
    Beat all Microgames With it's High Score Needed Pyoro 2
    Beat 25 Microgames on Jimmy's Second Remix Stage. Sheriff
    Beat Jimmy's First remix Stage. Skating Board
    Beat Wario's Stage. Staff
    Beat Easy Stage with A High Score. Thrilling
    Beat Wario's Stage. Total Boss
    Beat Jimmy's Second remix Stage. Wario

    Contributed by: dereksonic22 

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