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Tron: Solar Sailer Cheats For Intellivision

  1. Remembering the access codes

    The five-digit code given verbally at the beginning of each Track was Mattel's way of enforcing use of the IntelliVoice to advance through the game. But if five digits seems too much to remember, know that the first digit is always the number of the current Track and the second digit is always the number of the target Sector. That leaves only three digits.

    Contributed by: IntyLab 

  2. Message from the Programmer

    When you reach the final Track before you move on to the MCP phase, and you're at the target sector and need to enter the Access Code, add the digits "991955" after the code, and the additional message "KEITH ROBINSON SEZ GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN" will be displayed.

    Contributed by: IntyLab