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Super Neptunia RPG Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    You are now able to summon Puddingo. A Friend?
    You tore Histoire, and turned back time. A Goddess Through Time
    You obtained Histoire. A Mysterious Book
    This is proof you've played Super Neptunia RPG thoroughly. You're a true hero! A True Hero
    You acquired a total of 100 different accessories. Accessory Collector
    You've played as Neptune over 100 times. Because I'm the Protagonist!
    You had a mental discussion. Blanc of the Round Table
    You cleared 15 different Hunt Quests. Bounty Hunter
    You went to the hot springs with everyone. Breast Hero
    You got a Game Over. Death Should Not Have Taken Thee
    You opened your first treasure chest. Found Treasure!
    Your power as a Goddess has returned. Goddess' Second Coming
    You yelled "hehe Chromey-kins xoxo.". hehe Chromey-kins xoxo
    You decided to do your best as a Goddess once more. Hero Goddess Neptune
    You acquired 500,000 total Credits. Multi-Millionaire Neptune
    You saved Noire. My Dearest Friend
    You ate an eggplant. nasu wo [K]utta
    You cleared many quests. Nepko Did Her Best
    You defeated 300 enemies. Neptune Warriors
    Neptune reached Level 100. Neptune's Serious Mode
    You enjoyed the Octopus Party. Octopus Party
    You defeated your first monster. Path to a Hero
    You enjoyed a game for 3 nights. Play from Far Away with the Lights On
    You learned 50 different Skills. Skill Expert
    Noire began singing in her sleep. Sleepwalking
    You saw your first Break Attack. Take This Special Attack!
    Vert officially became a party member. The Final Companion
    Noire and Blanc became party members. The First Companion
    You were able to witness the form of the First-Gen Goddess, "Chrome Heart." The First-Gen Goddess
    You defeated the Metal Dogoo. This is the Spirit of a Hero
    You defeated the Ultimate Dragon, and protected the future of Gamindustri. To a Bright Future
    You opened many treasure chests. Treasure Hunter
    You were able to chain a large combo. Unity of the Hero's Party
    You collected all 7 Tomes. Unnecessary?
    You acquired 250,000 total Credits. Wealthy Neptune
    You acquired 50 different weapons. Weapon Collector

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