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Striker Pro 2000 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Be the Ball

    In the middle of the game, press Start to pause. Now press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, L, L, L, R, L, R, L. Press Start to go back to the game and then hold L + R simultaneously. Hold Right to move the ball up, and Left to move the ball down.

    Contributed by: ATadeo 

  2. Start with 2 extra points

    Pause the game right after they display team lineups before the match begins and press Up, Up, Up, Y, Y, Y, X, Y

    Contributed by: Dragon 

  3. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Up, Up, Right, Right, Y, Y, Y (on main menu) All Teams
    Win all 4 Classic Matches games Bonus Matches/Players (4 National Classic Matches, and all-time great players)
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Y, Y (on Options menu) Cheat Mode (EU Version)

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, Desert eagle, Dragon 

Striker Pro 2000 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Make The Players Look Funny

    First, pause the game. Then, when you're at the cheat screen, quickly press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Up, Up. Then, after you have entered them, now you can press one of the following to toggle different effects:

    Effect Effect
    Circle Big bodies
    X Big feet
    Square Big hands
    Triangle Big heads
    Right Fat players
    L1 Really thin players
    Left Thin players
    R1 Tiny heads

    Contributed by: piecemealcranky 

  2. Misc. Codes

    Effect Effect
    At the cheat menu enter Up, Triangle, Left, Square, Right, Circle, X, X Bird Mode
    At the main menu press Left, Left, Up, Circle, Circle Bonus Stadiums
    At the cheat menu enter Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, X New Features

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt