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Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Cheats For PC

  1. Easter Egg: Developer names on eject light

    When your craft loses its shields and is reduced to critical hull status (25% or below), an alarm will sound and your ejection light will start to blink, prompting you to eject. If you manage to stay in this state for a full minute, without getting destroyed or getting your shields back up, the word 'eject' will disappear from the light and the names of the development team will appear on it, one by one.

    Contributed by: Sashanan 

  2. Easter egg: Nothing more to see here

    Fly the Warhead Interception training missions as an Imperial, on at least Medium difficulty level, and complete all primary and bonus objectives (very tough to pull off). Now, instead of ending the mission, get a nice view of the Imperial platform in your sights and park your craft.

    Seven minutes after completing the last objective, messages over your inflight radio tell you that the station operators are getting hungry and order a pizza. A colossal Imperial fleet with familiar names on the ships (it appears to be Thrawn's fleet from Heir of the Empire) arrives to deliver the pizza. When it turns out, however, that there's not enough money on the station to pay for this expensive shipment method, one of the Star Destroyers launches a Heavy Lifter which proceeds to pick up the Platform and drag it off into hyperspace, telling you ''Nothing more to see here, move along''.

    It's hilarious to see but very hard to get - the mission is hard enough and seven minutes is a long time when you're doing nothing. If you have any experience with mission editing, I recommend you go into the mission file and change the requirements for this chain of events to happen so you can have a look at it more easily.

    Contributed by: Sashanan 

  3. Star Destroyer from the inside

    Destroy the warhead launcher on an Imperial-class Star Destroyer (it's on its nose) and you will be able to actually fly inside through the hole and then safely destroy it from inside out. This is definitely not intentional, just a matter of all ships in XvT being essentially hollow, and this being the only ship where you can take advantage of that. Better not to try it on a moving Star Destroyer.

    Contributed by: Sashanan