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SimCopter Cheats For PC

  1. Turn into a dog

    Contributed by: Fragnarok 

  2. Get the Apache with SCURK

    Use the city creator SCURK (Sim City Urban Renewal Kit)to make a city. Select the Military & Transportation group. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select F-15b. Make two rows of the aircraft somewhere in your city. Then play your city in simcopter. One of the F-15b's will be an Apache.

    Contributed by: ThomasSchafer 

  3. Get the Apache Helicopter

    Use the all copters cheat and push 3 in the catalog, go outside and you will find the Apache. Press M for missiles ans SPACE for machine guns. They have unlimited ammo

    Contributed by: TripleJump 

  4. Level skip

    Press [Ctrl] [Alt] X, then enter ''Been there, done that''

    Contributed by: awhatnow 

  5. Helicopter Select

    In the cheat box, type I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas (case and punctuation-sensitive). A sound will confirm correct entry. At the ''Buy Chopper'' screen press one of the following numbers to get that helicopter outside the hangar for free.

    1 Bell 206 JetRanger
    2 MD 500
    3 Apache
    4 Bell 212
    5 Schwiezer 300
    6 Agusta A 109A
    7 Dauphin 2
    8 MD Explorer
    9 MD Explorer 520N

    Contributed by: jnr wonderful 

  6. How to use your megaphone outside of helicopter

    Press (Alt)+(Ctrl)+ X during gameplay and then type ''A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush''. Then just press F6 - F10 to use megaphone.

    Contributed by: Norte X4 4 Life 

  7. Invincibility

    Contributed by: DujHoD 

  8. Nuclear Explosion

    Hold Ctrl+Alt+X to bring up the cheat menu. Then type in radioactivity and hit ok.

    Contributed by: Black Shadow2525 

  9. Return To Chopper

    Put I love my helicopter in the cheat box
    * Note - Cheats are case sensitive.

    Contributed by: jnr wonderful 

  10. Cheats

    Press Ctrl+Alt+X and enter the desired password for the effect.All passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE. You will hear a sound if correct

    Effect Effect
    Make me big Big copters
    Out on a Sunday drive Camera follows a car through the city.
    Been there, done that full point meter (advance to next round)
    There's no place like home Go back to the Hangar (out of chopper only)
    I love my helicopter Go to your chopper (out of chopper only)
    superpowermultiply Hold shift while out of copter to turn into a dog and climb buildings, and go fast, in chopper you just go fast
    Gas does grow on trees Infinite fuel
    Shields up No damage taken
    Radioactivity Nuclear Explosion that kills you even if Shields up is on
    PAMCAREYGOLDMAN Pictures of the programmer's wife.
    I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas Press #'s 1-9 in the Catalog for all choppers
    Stop and ask for directions Save an ASCII city map in C Drive
    Gort See ending sequence
    Lights, Cameras, Action! Starts drive-in movies Note: It could be Camera not Cameras
    A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush Use megaphone outside of copter by using the F6-F10 buttons
    The map, please View map outside of chopper
    Warp me to career: (1-30) Warp to career 1-30 in career game only.
    Give me money or give me death: (1-50000) You either get the money (1-50000) or the game crashes

    Contributed by: TripleJump 

  11. Three cheats

    Press Ctrl-Alt-X to bring up the cheat prompt. It'll ask you to type in a cheat.

    Effect Effect
    Out on a Sunday drive Follows a certain car through the city behind it.
    Make me big Makes your helicopter extremely large.
    PAMCAREYGOLDMAN Woman will appear on billboards and movie screens.

    Contributed by: Dark Vortex 

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