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Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Tanuki Passwords

    Talk to Pokopon at Hotel Nekomaneki in Nekomaneki Village to enter these passwords. Once a password is entered correctly, you will acquire an item. They may only be used once per save file. Passwords are not case sensitive.

    I Hate You! (Funny Reaction)
    I Love You! (Funny Reaction)
    You're the Worst (Funny Reaction)
    Tao's Stash 5000 G
    Carte blanche Blank Scroll
    Furry Ferret Blessing Scroll
    Chunsoft Blue Cat
    Arms Race Bunch Bracelet
    Happy Grass Cheery Grass (Blessed)
    Coupon Coupon Scroll
    Carpe Diem Day Shield
    Treasury Dirk of Debts
    Miss Mist Dodger Pot [5]
    Shakespeare Drama Staff [5]
    Critical Extreme Sword
    All Lucky 7s Fever Pot [3]
    Gambler Gambler's Scroll
    Green Grass Green Cat
    Pot O' Laughs Hilarious Pot [5]
    Shinya Kano Indigo Cat
    Carpe Noctem Midnight Shield
    Nonary Game Nonary Bracelet
    Pumphantasm Orange Cat
    Golddigger Pauper's Plank
    Perfect Purple Cat
    Banana Prince Red Cat
    I Love Zombies! Revival Grass
    O-FENCE! Rush Shield
    Vegicide Scythe
    Synthesis Synthesis Pot [5]
    Lost and Found Undo Grass
    Cursed Blade Violent Blade
    Kitty Cat Yellow Cat

    Contributed by: Nerthing 

  2. Trophies

    There are 46 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    You unlocked all bracelets in the Item Book. Armband Aggregator
    You unlocked all weapons in the Item Book. Arms Amasser
    You unlocked all arrows in the Item Book. Arrow Accumulator
    You have conquered the Bizarre Tower. Bizarre Tower Ascender
    You failed a steal attempt. Caught Red-Handed
    You have defeated Gendolucika. Defeat Gendolucika
    You defeated a Maneater. Demon Hunter
    You have conquered Destiny's Descent. Destiny's Descender
    You unlocked all scrolls in the Item Book. Determined Researcher
    You collected 3 Dice of Fate. Dice Bag
    You gathered all Lucky Cats and had a wish granted. Dreams Come True
    A peach rotted. Expired
    You've beaten all parts of Explosion Rocks! Explosion Rocks Conqueror
    You successfully rescued someone. First Responder
    You arrived at Nekomaneki Village. First Step
    You filled the bank with your Gitan. Gitan Leverages Everything Around Me
    You unlocked all onigiri and peaches in the Item Book. Gourmand
    You unlocked all grass in the Item Book. Grazer
    You defeated the Great Reeva Statue. Great Reeva Statue Crushed
    You grilled an onigiri. Grilled to Perfection!
    You have conquered Heavenly Lake. Heavenly Lake Wayfarer
    You have conquered Hunter Pond. Hunter Pond Traverser
    You have conquered Inori Cave. Inori Cave Tourist
    You were KOed while you were Level 1. Keep Calm and Carry On
    You successfully stole an item. Larcenous Tendencies
    You threw a weapon or shield at a sleeping Mixer monster. Lesson Learned
    You have conquered the Lost Well. Lost Well Spelunker
    You unlocked all rocks in the Item Book. Mineralogist
    You were thrown into a monster house. Monster HOUUUUUUSE!
    You learned all abilities. Night Master
    You have conquered Old Road. Old Road Traveler
    You have conquered Onigiri Hollow. Onigiri Hollow Journeyer
    You were returned to the village by a gust. Overstayed Your Welcome
    You have conquered Gen's Turf. Passerby of Gen's Turf
    You have conquered the Pitfall of Life. Pitfall of Life Voyager
    You unlocked all pots in the Item Book. Pot Procurer
    You threw a Synthesis Pot with a certain bracelet equipped. Pot, Where Art Thou?
    You have conquered the Primordial Chasm. Primordial Chasm Visitor
    You beat the Reeva Statue. Reeva Statue Defeated
    You tripped and broke a pot. Shatter
    You unlocked all shields in the Item Book. Shield Stocker
    You have awakened and become Super Shiren. Shiren Shiren Evolution
    You filled every entry in the Monster Book. Shiren, Monster Professor
    You unlocked all staves in the Item Book. Staff Affection
    You have conquered the Statue Cave. Statue Cave Subduer
    You unlocked all talismans in the Item Book. Talismaniac
    You consumed a Super Unlucky Seed. Tomorrow is Another Day
    You have conquered the Tower of Fortune. Tower of Fortune Passport Stamp
    You filled every entry in the Item Book. True Shiren Fan
    You've beaten all of the Underground Manor! Underground Manor Victor
    You defeated FO-Uβ with direct attacks. Unidentified Object
    You were defeated by your ally. Unlucky
    You unlocked all trophies! Wanderer
    You have conquered Warning Valley. Warning Valley Voyager
    You got the multiplier of a Sweet-Nut monster to 1024x. You Felt Lucky, Punk

    Contributed by: Nerthing 

  3. Co-op & Versus Modes

    Meet the condition to unlock the modes. These modes can only be played via ad-hoc, not online.

    Complete Ouma Shrine Co-op & Versus Modes

    Contributed by: Nerthing