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Quell Reflect Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Push 10 spikes Audacious
    Collect 25 pearls Bounty
    Sacrifice a drop in order to continue C'est La Vie
    Collect 100 pearls Century
    Complete a stage in perfect moves Clear Cut
    Complete every level Completely Reflective
    Complete 10 levels perfectly Exactly
    Complete the 1974 shelf Exceptional
    Collect 50 pearls Finders Keepers
    Close 50 gates Gatekeeper
    Break 15 gold blocks Heavyweight
    Collect every jewel Heist
    Complete a level requiring 2 drops High Five!
    Complete the 1962 tutorial shelf Live and Learn
    Get stuck in a loop 5 times Loopy
    Push 4 sets of blocks together Magician
    Complete the 1967 shelf Making Headway
    Break 3 gold blocks in one level Never Invited Back
    Spiked 15 times No Hedgehog Jokes
    Complete the 1972 shelf Outstanding
    Merge drops 3 times Overly Friendly
    Spiked 5 times Painful
    Complete a level requiring 4 drops Party Time
    Complete every level in perfect moves Perfectly Reflective
    Retry a level 10 times Persistent
    Complete the 1970 shelf Plain Sailing
    Poison 2 drops in order to continue Poisoned
    Collect 200 pearls Quellectible
    Complete 40 levels perfectly Quellogical
    Complete 20 levels perfectly Quelltastic
    Complete a level in under 6 seconds Quick Response
    Spike a poisoned drop Revenge
    Use the ring 10 times Ringing in the Rain
    Complete the 1964 shelf Shaping Up
    Complete 3 levels perfectly Spot On
    Complete a level requiring 3 drops Teamwork
    Collect 150 pearls Thrifty
    Complete a shelf in perfect moves Too Meticulous

    Contributed by: Guard Master