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Pikmin 3 Cheats For Wii U

  1. Endings

    Depending on how much fruit you collect, the narrator's dialogue during the ending will change.

    Beat the game after collecting 10 fruits. Bad Ending
    Beat the game after collecting all fruits. Best Ending
    Beat the game after collecting 20 fruits. Good Ending

    Contributed by: supernintendo28 

  2. Olimar's Video Diary

    Throughout the game, you will find memos with a number. There are two numbers in each area. Find all ten and they will form a code that you can enter in a special Wii U-only website. Entering the correct code will lead to one of five videos from Olimar's video diary. The code for only one video can be collected per playthrough. The five codes are listed below.

    Go to in the Wii U Browser and enter the codes to see the videos.

    1396339547 Distant Tundra Entry
    1734517538 Formidable Oak Entry
    0934550498 Garden of Hope Entry
    8554536398 Tropical Wilds Entry
    4236786831 Twilight River Entry

    Contributed by: supernintendo28 

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