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  1. Invulnerability and more money per chest

    This cheat involves editing a .ini file. Make sure you back up the file before you alter anything.

    Run the game once and then close it. Go to the directory where you installed the game and open the Outcast.ini file which will now be fully updated.

    Use control + f and look for the line HeroDamageScale=1.000000 and change that to HeroDamageScale=0.000000
    Now Cutter won't take any damage from outside sources like falls, gunshots, grenades, animals, poison and even instant-kill things like Zeedog plants. However, you can still drown, so keep an eye on your air supply at all times.

    After that you can look for the lines MoneyChest=50.000000 and Money=10.000000
    And change these to any number you want ( for example MoneyChest=5000.000000) and bags and chests will have significantly more money.

    Contributed by: Toiletbrush Tripweed 

  2. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Farmers say something has happened in Ranzaar. "Something" won't help much.
    Marion is in trouble... again. Ah come on, can't she just defend herself?
    Sadar needs a zeedog gland to fix his boat. Ah come on, why am I the only one working here?
    Marion is trapped in a place that's got a large pyramid. Always in trouble, she is...
    Ominel wants an Oogoobar knife to lower his meat price for Heza. An Oogoobar knife? Seems legit.
    Take out the soldiers first, then finish Kroax. And he's gone, For good!
    Zele wants me to return a reward to Gizo. And me? Can I get a reward too?
    Don't forget to find the high soldiers and get their key, they should be at the camp next to the rift entrance. And now, the key!
    Zot says Zoss and Heza's fight is disturbing other Talan. And what if I like fights? Why should I interrupt them?
    Give the gorgor tooth to Martigar. Anyone want a Gorgor tooth?
    Go to Okriana with the new piece of helidium and see Azirad. Azirad! I got it!
    Get the lowest possible reputation! Bad boy!
    Locate two buttons on land near the sunken temple, ask some talan near there to help push them. Be useful for once!
    Kill 10 gamors! Beware of Dogs!
    Kill 75 Soldiers Bloodbath!
    Use dynamite on chest. Boom!!!
    Talk to 25 important talans Build your social network!
    Get the highest reputation! Building a good reputation!
    Let recreators make ammo for each one of your weapons. Can you make these?
    Get over 300 ammo for your HK-P12! Can't want to use this!
    Kill 10 civilians (watch out your reputaion) Citizen erased!
    Tutorial: : Swim down and get the rewards in the water. Cold bath in Ranzar!
    Locate Shamaz Kalab in Okasankaar. Come, Doc, come to me.
    Azirad had a necklace stolen. He lost the thief somewhere in the construction supply bok. Da stolen necklace
    Ashkar wants me to damage the rift bridge somehow, he thinks it will slow down the soldiers. Damage? I'm always in when damage is needed!
    Gamors took a machine part with them, follow the trail to the south. Damn beasts!
    Collect 30.000 zorkins. Do what you love and the money will follow.
    Zakk wants to study the metal on the HK-P12. I should return for it soon. Don't break it!
    Don't leave Zoran until he's fixed the bridge and protect him from any soldiers. Don't die on me, bro!
    Tell Zidar his friend at the Darosham is ok. Don't worry, he's fine.
    Bring 5 lampe and 1 daguerach to Zagu to make a drugged lampe. Drugged lampe: Done!
    Gizo would like me to find the Talan in Okasankaar that this bracelet belongs to. Easier said than done...
    Azirad thinks he can enhance any of my energy weapons. Enhance my weapons? I like where this is going.
    Fill your backpack with 50 dynamites! Explosive backpack!
    Create an explosive blast chain reaction with 10 or more dynamites. Explosive expert!
    Fill your backpack with over 250 ammo for your UZA-SH1 Feeding my UZA-SH1!
    Get healed 5 times by a Shamaz! Feeling good!
    Azirad has created a new boat light. Finally, let there be light!
    Keep the soldiers busy so Marion can sneak the others out. Meet her outside when all soldiers are gone. Fly, you fool!
    Jokace thinks four zeedog glands would help him. Four of them? Okay.
    Get the maximum FT 74-X's upgrade level. FT 74-X upgraded!
    Get the maximum HAWK-MK8's upgrade level. HAWK-MK8 upgraded!
    Bring the stone tablet for Shamaz Mazum. Here you go
    Give the message from Oru to Kyuran. Here you go, Kyuran.
    Bring three pieces of dynamite to Zogard. Hey, be careful with that, okay?
    Free Shamaz Keb who knows about Mon. Hey, Doc, where are you?
    Find and speak to Shamaz Zeb. Hey, Doc!
    Get the maximum HK-P12's upgrade level. HK-P12 upgraded!
    Kill the gamors that are far east of the village. Hot-dog, who wants my hot-dog?
    Ezef was reverted, Yagu's not going to like this. How am I gonna explain this...
    Collect 100 Medikit! Hypochondriac!
    A worker at a temple wants the Yods to clear debris with some dynamite. I always knew I'd become a miner someday...
    Bring magwa to help Shamaz Mazum. I bet he'll get high on this!
    Tutorial: Shoot all the vases in Ranzaar! I could not fail this!
    Zave thinks the marks are music notes. I hope it'll be some disco tune!
    Kill 10 Krakits. I just don't like them.
    Find out the secret stash of treasure in the water. I love treasure hunts!
    Free the Guardians that were taken to Okaar. I really want this to be over!
    Find the Essence Stone to stop riss production. I think I kinda understood that.
    Speak with Shamaz Kaleb to get Oru's gun. I want that new gun!
    Find the Essence Stone for Zeo. I'll do my best.
    Kill 25 soldiers. I'm not even warmed up!
    Completed all four tests with Jan. I'm ready to go!
    Jan and some other Guardians have been captured and taken to the Darosham in Okasankaar. I'm the only one capable here.
    Get all the weapons. Invincible!
    Find Logar who may know where to get magwa. Is he a dealer or what?
    Reach 150 times your targets using UZA-SH1 (Tracer gun) Itchy trigger finger!
    Tutorial: Succeed Jan's sneaking test. Jan's sneaking test!
    Find and fight the Achondar. Kill this damn blind beast!
    Kill 10 Soldiers while riding a Twon-Ha. Knights of Okriana!
    Ashkar wants more soldiers removed from Motazaar. Less soldiers means easier times.
    Free Martigar trapped in Zorkatraz. Let him Free!
    Kill the Gorgor and get the Mon. Let's fight this Gorgor thing!
    Balazar wants me to find a relic outside the walls of Okriana. Let's find that relic then.
    Heza has a problem at his well. I should find Zade if I want to learn more. Let's find that Zade.
    Some Talan is trapped in the east mine. Let's free the trapped guy.
    Take the lift handle to the east mine. Let's free Zogard! For good, this time.
    Go to Okriana and get a lift handle to free Zogard! Let's free Zogard! Oh wait...
    Kroax is at the Darosham. Let's go to the Darothing then!
    Ask Kyuran to decrypt the map. Let's investigate then.
    Swim over 5 kilometers! Like a fish in the water!
    Get the maximum LN-DUO 500's upgrade level. LN-DUO 500 upgraded!
    Lock EVD on a Soldier during over 15 secondes! Looking through walls!
    Kill 3 Twon-Ha (don't do this near Zalinass...). Mad cow disease...
    Complete 100% of the main quests. Main quests!
    Don't leave Makee until he's fixed the bridge and protect him from any soldiers. Makee, make it fast!
    Run over 20 kilometers! Marathon Man!
    Go to Okriana. Marion may be there. Marion "may" be there.
    Kill 250 Soldiers May the Yods be Silent!
    Find a Shamaz to heal Ilott. Mediiiic!
    Collect 250 Metals. Metal Collector!
    Collect 15.000 zorkins. Money makes everything easier!
    Collect 2500 zorkins. Money Money Money...
    Complete the main quests of Motazaar. Motazaar's quests.
    Initiate 250 conversations with Talans. Mr Talkative!
    Find sticks marking off secret stashes of goods in the mud around Shamazaar. Nice hiding spots.
    Shoot 30 times in a row using HK-P12 without missing any target (while aiming Soldiers only). No bullet wasted!
    The barrier to the nord of Shamazaar is now down! North barrier down!
    Tell Oru that he owes Kyuran a bottle of lampe. Not sure to be her for that!
    Find Oru's gun in a sunken temple to the southwest of Cyana. Oh, shiny gun.
    Complete the main quests of Okaar. Okaar's quests
    Complete the main quests of Okansankaar. Okasankaar's quests
    I found Ezef, he wants me to tell Yagu he's still looking for their father. Okay, I'll tell him, I'll tell him!
    Kill 75 Krakits. Okay, now I am arachnophobic.
    Zafar let slip that the booyats grow in the Darosham. Picking up some booyats!
    Deliver twon-ha to Zolass. Please take care of... this.
    I caught that food thief but I didn't catch his name, I think I'll let him slip on this one. Poor guy...
    Kill over 25 civilians (watch out your reputation!) Psycho!
    Head to the north mine to find a pure piece of helidium. Pure piece of Helidium? I like that!
    Create an explosive blast chain reaction with exactly 5 dynamites! Pyrotechnician beginner!
    Complete the main quests of Ranzaar. Ranzaar's quests
    Collect 100 Red Helidiums. Red Helidum Collector!
    Tutorial: : Jump across to the other side of the platform at the top of the steps and get the reward. Rewarding jump!
    Complete 100% of the secondary quests. Secondary quests!
    Complete the main quests of Shamazaar. Shamazaar's quests.
    Marion is in a house to the west of the Palace Fae. She just can't get into enough trouble, can she?!
    Collect 100 Shells. Shell Collector!
    I met a beggar near the well who wants me to sing some mining song with him. Singing? I can't sing! And I don't want to!
    Talk to 45 Adelpha's unique VIP. So much friends now!
    Talk to riss counters to know more about Essence Idols. So the Riss counters know, huh?
    Talk to recreators. So you're the engineers here, aren't you?
    Find the first Mon in Shamazaar. So, that's the Mon?
    Mored wants me to bring him 10 hoti from Okaar. Sometimes, I feel like I'm not rewarded enough.
    Kill 10 soldiers by using dynamites! Supremacy!
    In Talanzaar, evade Soldier patrols 3 times just by hiding, without using your weapons. Survival!
    Give 20 hoti to your Twon-Ha Taking care of your Twon_Ha.
    Complete the main quests of Talanzaar. Talanzaar's quests.
    Complete 100% of the subquests of Talanzaar. Talanzaar's subquests.
    Find and stop Naarn. He may know about the Mon. Tell me, plz!
    Get rewarded 20 times for your side quests. Thanks for the reward!
    Remove more soldiers from Shamazaar for Maar. That, I like!
    Zernar says there are too many soldiers around for his liking. That's not a problem, my friend. That's a solution for my blood lust!
    Travel 10 times through Daokas. The Gate way!
    Use PPS (Invisibility) to drop a dynamite near Soldiers and make it explode! The Invisible Pyrotechnician!
    A large box is loose. Try and stop it for Mogad. The large box.
    Goto Zorkatraz. The Rock!
    Find and trade with every merchants. The trading King!
    Kill 150 Soldiers The Yods will remember!
    Locate 20 unique Talans by asking citizens. These guys are so helpful!
    Kill 25 Krakits. They're everywhere!
    Find out Oru to lead you to Gorgor Island. This old hermit might be useful!
    Zine wants me to bring him two faenea to heal his friend. Two faenea, two!
    Ride your Twon-Ha over 10 kilometers! Twon-Ha rider!
    The Guardian camp is under attack. uh?oh, that's bad!
    Get the maximum UZA-SH1's upgrade level. UZA-SH1 upgraded!
    Use EVD and lock target on Nikaa over 20 secondes. Voyeurism!
    Now Balazar wants me to clean this relic while fighting an achondar in Okaar. Wait, what?!
    Convince region leaders to stop producing supplies. Weak soldiers, I like!
    There are too many soldiers in Okriana for Zot to agree to stop paying taxes. Well, I'll have to do something about that.
    Nikaa wants a loan of some zorkins. What a strange... Talan...
    In Talanzaar, use EVD XRay mode over 1 minute to observe Talan's life cycles. What the f* they're doing!
    To make the 5 special bullets, Oru needs 5 daguerach and 5 booyat. Whatever you need, my friend. As long as I get the ammo!
    A water merchant, Mobarr, wants his twon-ha back. Why would you want it back? Ah, whatever...
    Obtained a map that seems to show locations in this region. Will be useful, for sure!
    Find the Shamaz in Okaar. Wouldn't be fun otherwise!
    Zafar wants me to watch his stand and stop anyone who takes from it when he is not there. Yeah yeah, sure...
    Need large piece of helidium from Motazaar to fix boat light for Zernar. Yeah yeah, whatever you want!
    Maybe Zakk will be able to make a handle. Find him. Zakk, I need a handle... Fast!

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  3. Cheat Codes

    To enter the following cheat codes, first you need to activate the cheat mode by typing


    during gameplay. Then press F12, and you should be able to enter any of the following codes for the desired effect.

    Effect Effect
    ARSENAL All Weapons
    DYNAMIT Dynamite
    AMMO_FLOW Infinite Ammo
    IAMINVISIBLE Invisibility
    KILL_SOLDIERS Kill All Enemies in Level
    MONTAGNE Montazaar
    BENNY No Clipping
    FOREST Okar
    MARCHES Okasankaar
    VILLE Okriana
    QUIT Quit the Game
    TRACKER Radar
    NEIGE Ranzaar
    TEMPLES Shamazaar
    POINTS Show Points
    FLY Toggle Fly Mode

    Contributed by: MT0 

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