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Omega Labyrinth Life Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Cleared A Distant Garden. A Maso Awakening
    Cleared Yurika's trial. A Woman's Desire
    Completed the Object Codex. Art Afficionado
    Gone on more than 100 adventures. Avid Adventurer
    Reached a Luster Value of +99 on a piece of equipment. Blacksmith
    Acquired all expansions. Blow 'Em Up!
    Cleared the Secrets of the Clock Tower. Challenger
    Cleared Mio's trial. Change and Constants
    Cleared Rinka's Test Site. Concluding Rinka's Experiment
    Viewed all stories. Faith in Friends
    Restored 1 area of the garden. Feeling Adventurous
    Harvest flowers 200 times. Fertile Friends
    Assimilated for the first time. First Timer No More!
    Completed the Flower Codex. Flower Specialist
    Cleared Nanami's trial. From Now and Forever
    Fully restored the garden. Garden Restored!
    Befriend all main characters. Getting the Gang Together
    Successfully stole from the shop. Guilty Conscience
    Achieved a score of 200,000 or higher. High Scorer
    Reach Hyper L mode. Hyper L
    Emerged victorious in the final battle. I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
    Completed the Item Codex. Item Hoarder
    Acquired all Gallery Keys. Key Master
    Changed leaders a total of 10 times. Leader Change!
    Used a mic with all playable characters. Make 'Em Sing
    Completed the Monster Codex. Monster Handler
    Cleared a Sage's Trial. Nailing a Sage's Trial
    Upgraded Luster Value more than 100 times. Nem's BFF
    Defeated more than 1,000 monsters. Omega Hunter
    Gathered more than 100,000 ωP. Omega Power Collector
    Cleared Mei's trial. Pursuit of Power
    Spoke to both Greedrat and Petal Gob at least once. Shady Shop
    Upgraded Luster Value for the first time. Show Me What You Got
    Maxed out all skills for all characters. Skill Master
    Viewed all main characters' spa events. Spring Savant
    Accumulate more than 200,000 μ of Nectar. Stirring the Honey Pot
    Completed the Synthesis Codex. Synthesis Professor
    Defeated the Reaper. The Grim Reaper
    Cleared Juri's trial. The Queen of Pop
    Collected seeds 200 times while in dungeons. Treasure Hunter
    Cleared Hinata's trial. True Strength
    Pai has appeared. What!? Pai's Here!
    Restored 3 areas of the garden. With Flora
    Cleared Berune's trial. You've Got a Friend in Me
    Had all characters attain Z Bust Mode. Z Cup Zenith
    Collected all trophies. ω Maestro

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold