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Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Listen to the music

    Start a game and create a character with the name MUSIC_ON You should then get a message asking if you want to proceed to the music test menu. Remember that the name has to be in caps and that the line must be included to get it to work.

    Contributed by: JOEDONBAKINGFOOL8888 

  2. Delete older saved games.

    Put DEL_DATA as your name and your old saved games will be erased! Remember to put the underscore in and put it in all capital letters.

    Contributed by: General Eric 

  3. Birthday Presents

    In the game, you choose your birthday at the beginning and it is then converted to game birthday. For every 10 birthdays you get a GOOD present which is usually a weapon or valuable. You go to the Hugo Report and go to events and find the Happy Birthday movie and watch it. Then you will get a present. every number in between the ten, you will get a strange present like an hourglass of something.

    20th: Gallant Doll :Doll:
    30th: Marching Baton :Valuable:
    40th: Censer of Repose :Valuable:
    50th: Figurine of Sleipnir :Valuable:
    60th: Manual of Warfare :Valuable:
    70th: Mastaba's Barrier :Valuable:
    80th: Charge Horn :Valuable:
    90th: Didora's Song :Full-body Armor:
    99th: Noish's Promise :Sword:

    Contributed by: Cool mario 6446 

  4. 255 of any portable Item

    NOTE: To make sure this works correctly, you must have 1, and only 1 of the items to duplicate.

    1. Set up a proper unit: Build a unit that has at least one person who can only carry one item. I normally use a unit made up of 5 wizards to do this. Now you need to set up the items. Make the unit use up all but the last two item slots, then add the item to duplicate to the very last spot. It should look like this:

    (Random Item)
    (Random Item)
    (Random Item)
    (Free Spot)
    (Item to Duplicate)

    2. Remove the charcter and the item: Ok, now, just remove one charcter (that character can only carry one item). Now your items should look like this:

    (Random Item)
    (Random Item)
    (Random Item)
    (Item to Duplicate)

    Go to the carry item screen, and remove the item to duplicate. That item should now be saying 55/01. Leave the edit unit menu, and go to the item menu. Now you need to sell 2 of the items. It should look like 55/54 now. Now sell 56 of them. It will now say 55/98. Leave the item menu, and exit the Orginize Screen. Reenter the Orginzie Screen, look at the items, and it should say 00/98. You now of 255 of whatever item that was.

    Contributed by: The Drudge Skeleton 

  5. How to get the Dragon Helm.

    • After Mission 4, go to Idorf in Mylesia and get the info about Dragoons.
    • After Mission 7, go to Gunther Piedmont, Burgunny and talk to the drunk guy. Make sure the time is inbetween 6pm and evening, but before 7am. After you talk to the drunk guy, enter Burgunny again after 7am to get information on his wife\\\'s location.
    • Now, go to Volmous Mine, Senal. Talk to the drunks wife there.
    • Go back to Gunther Piedmont, Burgunny. Now reunited with his wife, he will now make and seel Dragon Helms; but only between 7am and 7pm.

    Contributed by: Fossil 

  6. How to get the Dragon Armor.

    • After Mission 4, go to Idorf in Mylesia to get the info on Dragoons.
    • After Mission 8, go to Melphy in Darunnelles on the 6h of the month sometime between 9am and 6pm to buy a very rare item called Condrite.
    • After Mission 15, go to Kynora in Mount Ithaca during the daytime and talk to an artisan. He will give you the Dragon Armor.

    Contributed by: Fossil 

  7. How to attain the Sword of Tiamat.

    • After you have goten both the Dragon Helm and the Dragon Armor, return to Idorf in Mylesia. Get the info about the Sword of Tiamat.
    • Now go to Elaine in Fair Heights AFTER you have beaten the mission and get the Divine Dragon info. You should receive a Dragon Scale.
    • After Mission 24, head to Celesis, Pinneg and your unit leader will encounter the Divine Dragon. Defeat him and you will receive the Sword of Tiamat.

    Contributed by: Fossil 

  8. Pedra of Bane

    After Mission 12, go to Soathon, Jiram. Get some info about a missing dog. Then find a Hellhound and go back there. Give the kid a Hellhound and he will give you the Pedra of Bane.

    Contributed by: Fossil 

  9. Pedra of Virtue

    After Mission 20 go to Gulus Hill, Muji. Talk to a guy about his daughter. Then go to Volmous Mine, Volmous Mine and learn that the guy\'s daughter is at Mount Ithaca. Go to Mount Ithaca, Caltovich and give her fathers letter to her and in return she will give you the Pedra of Virtue.

    Contributed by: Fossil 

  10. Elem Pedra Locations

    To get the Pedras you must train your units at a certain location 5 times.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Choose at the start of the game. 1st Pedra
    Train a unit at Mylesia after Mission 4. 2nd Pedra
    Train a unit at Mount Ithaca after Mission 15. 3rd Pedra
    Train a unit at Gules Hills after mission 20. 4th Pedra

    Contributed by: Fossil 

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