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New Super Lucky's Tale Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Infinite Extra Lives

    After unlocking the Boss Gate of Veggie Village, enter the portal, but instead of jumping onto the platform where the enemy is, collect the 1-Up, and leave the area via the start menu > world select > Veggie Village. You'll be placed right outside the Boss Portal once again.
    Repeat this process as many times as you please!

    Contributed by: dachimiriani 

New Super Lucky's Tale Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Must... destroy... sandcastles!
    Burrow 10,000 meters. 10,000 Leagues Under The Ground
    Defeat WriggleMania while wearing the Maxi-Mullet. 80s Ready
    Find all 4 diamonds in A Road to Nowhere. A "Diamond" Dozen
    Collect 5,000 Coins. A Few Dollars More
    Complete the Prologue. A New Tale
    Watch the Credits. A Real Hero
    Collect all Pages in Veggie Village. A Real Veggie Villager
    Defeat General Buttons and Lt. Fluffinstuff in Three Cannon Salute. A Sinking Feeling
    Complete all of the levels in Foxington. A True Guardian
    Have a Buzzkill kill a fellow Buzzkill. Beetrayal
    Defeat Master Mittens. Black Belt
    Complete all Anna Lyd levels. Brainworm
    Defeat Tess. Brawn Over Brains
    Defeat General Buttons and Lt. Fluffinstuff. Cannon Fodder
    Activate all the Cash Registers. Cashing Out
    Finish a 2D level. Don't Need A Third Dimension
    Collect all of the collectibles during the cross ladder section of Step by Step. Everything Is Mine
    Purchase all of the costumes from Sky Castle, Veggie Village, Wrestful Retreat, and Hauntingham. Fashion Icon
    Collect 1,500 Coins. Fistful Of Dollars
    Help the Wormal farmer gather his chickens. Gather 'Round, Chicken
    Interact with all 5 radios in Foxington. Get Set Radio
    Collect all Pages in Gilly Island. Gone Fishin'
    Finish a Burrow Run level. Gotta Run!
    Never get caught in a single run through of Under Pressure. Grey Fox
    Look at every map in Trapped in Paradise. If There's A Place You Gotta Go...
    Equip a mismatched costume. Is My Shirt On Backwards?
    Defeat the Yeti in Securing the Talent. Jump, Man!
    Take no damage at the end of Three Cannon Salute. Lucky Is My Name
    Complete a Tess Marble Minigame. Marble Madness!
    Equip your first costume. New Fit
    Collect all Pages in Hauntingham. Not Spooped
    Defeat all of the enemies in Top That! On Top Of Things
    Get crushed. Pancaked
    Collect all Pages in Wrestful Retreat. R&R
    Complete all Ch1p levels. Robot Rock
    Complete all PW levels. Savage
    Defeat Lady Meowmalade in her dance club. Showstopper
    Collect all Pages in Sky Castle. Sky-High
    Complete a Sliding Block Puzzle. Slide To The Left
    Defeat Lady Meowmalade without getting hit. Smooth Criminal
    Take a shower in Foxington. Soap, Please!
    Fall into a tar pit. Sticky Situation
    Take a dip in Foxington. That Went Swimmingly
    Collect all trophies in New Super Lucky's Tale That's a Wrap
    Defeat Jinx once and for all! The End Of A Tale
    Collect 12,000 Coins. The Good, The Bad, And The Wealthy
    Take no damage in WriggleMania. The New Champ
    Collect all Diamonds in Securing the Talent. Treasure Hunter
    Complete Trapped in Paradise. Under My Umbrella
    Use a foxhole. What's Down Here?
    Beat Trapped in Paradise without flipping a switch. Who Needs Walls?
    Rescue the Soggy Boggy Boys' audience. Wormstock
    Collect all the LUCKY letters in a single level. You Got LUCKY
    Solve the mushroom puzzle in Grave Awakening. You're A Fungi!

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold