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Naked Puzzle: Girls Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 20 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Solve 100 blocks. And is it all?
    Solve 3000 blocks! Click master!
    Thanks! Developer's hope and support.
    Solve 666 blocks. Devil's number.
    Ho ho, nice! Everywhere nudity.
    Cool! You saw all pantsu! Final pantsu shot!
    Not bad! Full harem!
    Use ability for the first time. Harness the power of the all-seeing eye!
    Use skill 10 times. Help does not hurt.
    Welcome brother. High art appraiser!
    Don't click "X"! Ho.y balls, you are cheater!
    Solve 1000 blocks. I know, you can more!
    Finish all puzzles with May. May UNDRESSED!
    Finish all puzzles with Megumi. Megumi UNDRESSED!
    Finish all puzzles with Miki. Miki UNDRESSED!
    Finish all puzzles with Sakura. Sakura UNDRESSED!
    Finish all puzzles with Saya. Saya UNDRESSED!
    Use skill 100 times. Why not?
    Use skill 1000 times! Wow, it's really much...
    Finish all puzzles with Yuri. Yuri UNDRESSED!

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer