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Mega Man Xtreme 2 Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Armor in Boss Attack Mode

    As you enter Boss Attack mode, press Selec for X to have all his armor equipped.

    Contributed by: Star Ghost 

  2. Free Extreme Mode/Boss Attack

    When you have enough Soul Chips to buy either of these modes from Iris' shop, buy whichever one you want, but DON'T SAVE. Instead, turn off the game, then turn it back on. When you get to the mode select screen, the mode will be there, but you won't have lost any Soul Chips.

    Contributed by: Pommy 

  3. Free Extreme Mode (2)

    This is different from the first Extreme Mode. You do not need the required amount of DNA souls for this. To get Free Extreme Mode, beat both the X and Zero missions on the same save file.

    Contributed by: TJackson 

  4. Free Boss Attack Mode (2)

    This is different from the first Boss Attack. You do not need the required amount of DNA souls for this. To get it, beat Extreme Mode.

    Contributed by: TJackson 

  5. Become Invincible in Ostritch Level

    When you go down the first latter, jump up while the screen is going down. You will end up inbetween the floor. You can now go through the floor and be invincible, but can not complete the level.

    Contributed by: xtrunks 

  6. Go through anything

    Have Giga Crush full with Mega Man, then go to any level with ladders. Climb on one of the ladders and stay there, then use the Giga Crush and you will go through anything you want, but careful not to fall down straight or you will die.

    Contributed by: Whitelightingdragon 

  7. Unlock Haduken and Shoryuken attacks

    In the last Berkana stage with X, you will come across an area with rockets floating up and down, with electric walls next to them. To the right of the screen on the electric walls, they will all be blue, except for one part of the wall which will be purple. Air Dash through the purple wall, and you'll see a Dr. Light capsule. walk towards it, and into it after Dr. Light talks to you. You will get the Haduken and Shoryuken attacks from Street Fighter.

    Contributed by: _____Cait 

  8. Revisit Intro Level (Xtreme Mode Only)

    1. Reach the fourth and final Sigma Stage on Xtreme Mode (Fourth Sigma Stage is not accessible in other difficulties). 2. Lose your last life and get a Game Over to any of the eight Maverick bosses in the teleporter room. 3. Choose to return to the Stage Select screen on the Game Over menu. 4. Enter the actual level of the Maverick boss you just lost to. 5. Reach the boss room. Instead of leaving the level, you will be warped to the intro level of the game with all of the weapons and upgrades you've accumulated. Beating the intro level will return you to the Stage Select screen as normal.

    Contributed by: delta7890 

  9. Free Extreme/Boss Modes (2)

    While the method of getting these extra modes is different from the other that is mentioned, the outcome is the same.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Extreme mode. Free Boss Attack Mode
    Beat the game on both X and Zero modes. Free Extreme Mode

    Contributed by: TJackson 

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