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Mario Golf Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Second Chances in Tournaments

    If you are in a tournament or battling a club champ and you totally messed up on a hole, you don't have to get the ball in the hole and get a bogey or double bogey! All you have to do is hit Start, go to Save and Quit, then when it asks you if you want to save say yes. Go back to 1p Play and choose your character, you will be back at the beginning of the hole.

    Contributed by: shark404 

  2. Wriggle that Logo!

    At the Title Screen, press anywhere on the D-pad, and the Mario Golf Logo with wriggle in a circle!

    Contributed by: michaelbear 

  3. Change your shot

    To change your shot from a draw to a fade OR a fade to a draw, first complete Windy Valley Hole 1. Then win the Dune Club Tournament, and return and complete Windy Valley Hole 2. After doing so, the man will offer to change your shot. Even if you reply 'no', you can return and change it anytime. Note - He can only change your shot once, so your change will be permanent.

    Contributed by: BrakZero 

  4. Left Handed Players

    Press and hold Select as you choose your player and keep it held down until you reach the hole to play. When you get to the hole you should see that your player is left handed. This only works with Mario, Wario, Luigi or Club Champs.

    Contributed by: souleater21 

  5. Level up mushrooms

    One is on the bookshelf in the room to the right of the director's room. The second is in the cabinet in the club maker's hut. Look in the bushes to the left of where you arrive at Peach's Castle for the third.

    Contributed by: Bazti 

  6. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Gene Yuss in a Match Game/Tournament Gene Yuss
    Defeat Grace in a Match Game/Tournament Grace
    Defeat Grace in a Match Game Mini-Mini Lake Course
    Finish in first place on all four courses and defeat all four champions in a match game Peach's Castle course
    Defeat Gene Yuss in a Match Game Pitch 'n' Putt Course
    Complete the 9-hole version of Pitch 'n' Putt Pitch 'n' Putt Course (18 holes)
    Defeat Putts in a Match Game/Tournament (when playing as a custom character) Putts
    Defeat Tiny in a Match Game Raven Woods Course
    Defeat Tiny in a Match Game/Tournament Tiny
    Defeat Putts in a Match Game Tiny Tots Course
    Unlock Gene Yuss, Grace, and Tiny, and finish first in all Club Tournaments Wario

    Contributed by: matt91486, Pokemon and Mario, kenb215 

  7. Earn 300 experience

    If you find the other three characters, you earn 300 experience. You can't find the character you are playing as. The following are the locations of each character.

    Kid In the tree by the entrance to the Links Club Putting Range
    Joe Leftmost part of Raven Woods
    Sherry Northern most part of Tiny Tots
    Azalea Rightmost part of Palm's Putting Grounds

    Contributed by: Bazti 

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Mario Golf Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Different clothes

    To give your player different clothes, hold a C button when choosing them.

    Contributed by: Viper_Diamond 

  2. Play left handed

    To play left handed, hold Z or L when choosing your player.

    Contributed by: Viper_Diamond 

  3. Taunt Your Opponent

    Press any of the four C buttons during your opponents turn to taunt him.

    Contributed by: Vegetaman 

  4. Cheer for your opponent

    To cheer for your opponent, press any the D-Pad in any direction.

    Contributed by: Vegetaman 

  5. Retry a hole

    When playing for a new character or anything, to re-do a hole if you mess up save and quit and then load that game again. It will start the hole over again.

    Contributed by: casa8289 

  6. Hidden Music

    Select 4-player mode, and have all players choose either Yoshi or Donkey Kong. Then go to any course, except the mini-golf courses, and a hidden tune will play.

    Contributed by: Nin3DSFan 

  7. Passwords

    Hold Z and R together, then SELECT the clubhouse option with A and the code entry option appears in the next menu.

    Effect Effect
    0EQ561G2 1st Camp, Hyrule Cup
    5VW689O6 2nd Camp, Hyrule Cup
    KPXWN9N3 Special Tournament Mode

    Contributed by: soccerboy105, Vegetaman, KasketDarkfyre 

  8. Unlockable Courses

    To unlock the extra Courses, earn Course Points through any mode but Mini-Golf and Practice. Note that after each course you unlock, your Course Points are set back to 0. You HAVE to unlock them from lowest Course Points needed to highest needed.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 1500 Course Points. Boo Valley
    Get 50 Course Points. Koopa Park
    Get 2200 Course Points. Mario's Star
    Get 300 Course Points. Shy Guy Desert
    Unlocked from start. Toad Highlands
    Get 1000 Course Points. Yoshi's Valley

    Contributed by: CaptainDrakesGhost 

  9. Unlocking the Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Bowser
    Complete at least 30 of the 36 Ring Shot holes. Donkey Kong
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Harry
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Luigi
    Get at least 50 Birdie Badges. Maple
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Mario
    Get all 108 Birdie Badges. (except Japanese version) Metal Mario
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Sonny
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Wario
    Beat him on Get Character mode. Yoshi

    Contributed by: The Return of Raken 

  10. Unlock Almost Everything.

    When ''Press Start'' appears at the title screen, press the following: A sound will confirm correct entry, and all characters and courses (except Mario's Star) will be unlocked.

    Effect Effect
    Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right (D-Pad for all), C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Right. Unlock Almost Everything

    Contributed by: omega9999 

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