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Hey! Pikmin Cheats For 3DS

  1. amiibo Collection

    Whenever you're viewing the map of a Sector, you are able to scan certain amiibo figures to unlock "Secret Spot" stages. If the figure is compatible, it will also appear in a random Secret Spot, replacing the reward for that level. Clear any Secret Spot with the highlighted amiibo, and it will be added to your collection along with 200 Sparklium apiece.

    NOTE: You MUST scan the amiibo from the specific set listed. If you scan the same character from another set, it will not fulfill the conditions.

    Scan the Toad amiibo (Super Mario Set) Anatomical Enigma
    Scan the Mabel amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Apron Model
    Scan the Blathers amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Argyle Collector
    Scan the Isabelle (Summer) amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Business Pet
    Scan the Squid amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Chartreuse Arrow
    Scan the Marie amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Chilled-Out Cucumbress
    Scan the Mario amiibo (Super Mario Set) Colossus in Suspenders
    Scan the alt-color Inkling Boy amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Devious Drencher
    Scan the alt-color Inkling Girl amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Electric-Lime Hairdo
    Scan the Kapp'n amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Embarrassment Target
    Scan the Inkling Girl amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Exhausted Soldier
    Scan the Boo amiibo (Super Mario Set) Fanged Marshmellow
    Scan the Rosalina amiibo (Super Mario Set) Fashion Mystery
    Scan the Bowser amiibo (Super Mario Set) Fearsome Boss
    Scan the Silver Mario amiibo (Super Mario Set) Great Man
    Scan the Cyrus amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Hair-Trigger Furball
    Scan the Isabelle (Winter) amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Imaginary Friend
    Scan the Kicks amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Inadequacy Wellspring
    Scan the Peach amiibo (Super Mario Set) Memento of Love
    Scan the Celeste amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Midnight Dreamer
    Scan the Daisy amiibo (Super Mario Set) My Princess
    Scan the Olimar amiibo (Super Smash Bros Set) Oversized Replica
    Scan the Lottie amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Painted Alien
    Scan the Donkey Kong amiibo (Super Mario Set) Powerful Pencil Pusher
    Scan the Gold Mario amiibo (Super Mario Set) Priceless Artifact
    Scan the Reese amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Rosy-Outlooked Trotter
    Scan the K.K. Slider amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Seated Strummer
    Scan the Digby amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Solemnity Party Chairman
    Scan the Callie amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Sparkling Ingenue
    Scan the Pikmin amiibo (Pikmin Set) Spellbound Friends
    Scan the Inkling Boy amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Squirting Squirt
    Scan the Resetti amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Subterranean Menace
    Scan the Rover amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Unblinking Guilt Reflector
    Scan the Tom Nook amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Uncomfortable Swaddler
    Scan the Timmy & Tommy amiibo (Animal Crossing Set) Uniformed Crew
    Scan the Luigi amiibo (Super Mario Set) Unsung Hero
    Scan the alt-color Squid amiibo (Splatoon 1 Set) Uplifting Arrow

    Contributed by: TuxedoAlex, Slave_1 

  2. Golden Pikmin Seals

    Master Expeditions to Unlock the Golden Pikmin Seals

    Earn a golden Pikmin seal on all sectors on the planet. Congratulations, you have mastered Hey! Pikmin. Golden Pikmin Seal on the Select File Screen
    Find all 20 Pikmin in any expedition, and reach the Exploration Pod without losing any of them. Golden Pikmin Seals in the Select Area Screen
    Earn a golden Pikmin seal on all expeditions in a sector. Golden Pikmin Seals in the Select Sector Screen

    Contributed by: chickenbolt