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Half-Life: Platinum Collection Cheats For PC

  1. Various Single Player Map Names

    Enter these with the map code to get to the autosave in the game

    Effect Effect
    c0a0 01
    c0a0a 02
    c0a0b 03
    c0a0c 04
    c0a0d 05
    c0a0e 06
    c1a0 07
    c1a0a 08
    c1a0b 09
    c1a0c 10
    c1a0d 11
    c1a0e 12
    c1a1 13
    c1a1a 14
    c1a1b 15
    c1a1c 16
    c1a1d 17
    c1a1f 18
    c1a2 19
    c1a2a 20
    c1a2b 21
    c1a2c 22
    c1a2d 23
    c1a3 24
    c1a3a 25
    c1a3b 26
    c1a3c 27
    c1a3d 28
    c1a4 29
    c1afb 30
    c1a4d 31
    c1a4e 32
    c1a4f 33
    c1a4g 34
    c1a4i 35
    c1a4j 36
    c1a4k 37
    c2a1 38
    c2a1a 39
    c2a1b 40
    c2a2 41
    c2a2a 42
    c2a2b1 43
    c2a2b2 44
    c2a2c 45
    c2a2d 46
    c2a2e 47
    c2a2f 48
    c2a2g 49
    c2a2h 50
    c2a3 51
    c2a3a 52
    c2a3b 53
    c2a3c 54
    c2a3d 55
    c2a3e 56
    c2a4 57
    c2a4a 58
    c2a4b 59
    c2a4c 60
    c2a4d 61
    c2a4e 62
    c2a4f 63
    c2a4g 64
    c2a5 65
    c2a5a 66
    c2a5b 67
    c2a5c 68
    c2a5d 69
    c2a5e 70
    c2a5f 71
    c2a5g 72
    c2a5w 73
    c2a5x 74
    c3a1 75
    c3a1a 76
    c3a1b 77
    c3a2 78
    c3a2a 79
    c3a2b 80
    c3a2c 81
    c3a2d 82
    c3a2e 83
    c3a2f 84
    c4a1 85
    c4a1a 86
    c4a1b 87
    c4a1c 88
    c4a1d 89
    c4a1e 90
    c4a1f 91
    c4a2 92
    c4a2a 93
    c4a2b 94
    c4a3 95
    c5a1 96

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  2. Various Item Names

    This is to be entered with the item code

    Effect Effect
    ammo_357 357 ammo
    ammo_9mmAR 9mm AR Ammo
    ammo_9mmbox 9mmbox ammo
    ammo_9mmclip 9mmclip ammo
    item_airtank Air Tank
    item_antidote Antidote
    item_battery Battery
    ammo_buckshot Buckshot Ammo
    ammo_crossbow Cross bow ammo
    ammo_egonclip Egon Ammo
    ammo_gaussclip Gauss Ammo
    weapon_357 Get the 357
    weapon_9mmAR Get the 9mm Assault Rifle
    weapon_crossbow Get the Crossbow
    weapon_crowbar Get the Crowbar
    weapon_egon Get the Egon
    weapon_gauss Get the Gauss gun
    weapon_glock Get the Glock
    weapon_handgrenade Get the Hand Grenade
    weapon_9mmhandgun Get the Handgun
    weapon_hornetgun Get the Hornet gun
    weapon_mp5 Get the MP5 Gun
    weapon_python Get the Python
    weapon_quantumdestabilizer Get the Quantum Destabilizer
    weapon_rpg Get the RPG
    weapon_satchel Get the Satchel Bomb
    weapon_shotgun Get the Shotgun
    weapon_snark Get the Snark
    weapon_tripmine Get the Tripmine
    ammo_glockclip Glock Ammo
    ammo_ARgrenades Grenade ammo
    ammo_mp5grenades Grenade Ammo
    item_healthkit Health Kit
    item_longjump Long Jump
    ammo_mp5clip Mp5 Ammo
    ammo_rpgclip RPG Ammo
    item_security Security Guard
    item_sodacan Soda Can
    item_suit Suit

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  3. Various Codes

    Enter these whilst on the console

    Effect Effect
    /impulse 196 A.I Node Information
    /impulse 196 A.I Node Information
    /impulse 197 A.I Node Information
    /impulse 199 A.I Node Information
    /+reload Autoreload
    /impulse 109 Control monsters
    /impulse 203 Delete character
    /developer 0 Developer Mode Off
    /developer 1 Developer Mode On
    /lambert -1.0001 Flashlight not needed
    /impulse 101 Full HEV Suit and all weapons with full ammo
    /impulse 202 Get blood
    /impulse 101 Get every single weapon with full ammo
    /firstperson Go back to normal view
    /god God Mode
    /impulse 76 Grunt appears
    /notarget Invisible mode
    /r_fullbright <0,1> Light amplifier
    /map <Map Name> Map Name, found below
    /rate <0-3500> Modify Reload Speed
    /impules 105 Mute mode
    /noclip No Clipping Mode
    /give <item Name> Recieve Item, name found below
    /impulse 103 See monster stats
    /impulse 104 See the global entities
    /impulse 202 Spawn gibs and blood
    /speak <word.word2.word3> Speak a sentence
    /speak <word> Speak the word
    /impulse 106 Sprite stats
    /impulse 107 Texture name
    /sv_gravity <-999 - 999999> Toggle gravity
    /host_framerate <0,1> Toggle the speed of the game
    /-reload Turn off auto reload
    /developer 2 Verbose Developer Mode
    /thirdperson View the game from the 3rd person
    /r_fullbright 9 Weird colours
    /kill You die

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  4. Various Multiplayer Map Codes

    Entered with map code whilst in multiplayer

    Effect Effect
    boot_camp Boot Camp Level
    bounce Bounce level
    datacore Datacore Level
    lamda_bunker Lambda Bunker Level
    snark_pit Snark Pit Level
    stalkyard Stalkyard Level
    subtransit Subtransit Level
    undertow Undertow Level

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  5. Various Hazard Course Level Codes

    Enter these with the map code to get to the parts in the hazard course

    Effect Effect
    t0a0b2 Fifth Autosave
    t0a0 First Autosave
    t0a0b1 Fourth Autosave
    t0a0A Second Autosave
    t0a0d Seventh Autosave
    60a0c Sixth Autosave
    t0a0b Third Autosave

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy