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Gender Wars Cheats For PC

  1. Invinciblitity

    From the ''Gender Wars Main Menu'' screen, which contains the functions: New Game Restore Game Quit To DOS Credits Select ''New Game''. The ''Choose Your Gender'' screen appears. Select ''Male'' or ''Female''. From within the Control Room, move around onto the various objects and select ''Options''. You will be taken to the ''Options'' screen. Select the ''Save Game'' option, and when this screen appears, pick one of the eight available slots. Type in: BUY A PLAYSTATION (with spaces between the words) and press the ''Return'' or ''Enter'' key. You will be returned to the ''Options'' screen. Now select ''Quit To Titles'' and you'll be returned to the ''Gender Wars Main Menu'' screen. Choose ''New Game'' or ''Restore Game'', if applicable, and follow the screen prompts as shown. For any further missions you play until you ''Quit To DOS'', your characters will be invincible.

    Contributed by: Sappy