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Game Boy Camera Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Change the speed of the 'face-in-face' sequence

    On the View menu, hold Up on the D-Pad to speed up the animation of the face-in-face sequence; hold Down to slow it down.

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  2. Hidden DJ song

    There is a hidden "London Bridge" song that plays if you set the SE to 9 and press A button repeatedly.

    Contributed by: nensondubois 

  3. Make stamps go the opposite direction

    Hold the A button while a stamp is selected to flip the stamp the other way.

    Contributed by: CAHowell 

  4. Printing Music

    After penning music using D.J. mode, composers can print a transcription via the Game Boy Printer. Access the Sound 1 screen, then print by pressing and holding Start and A.

    Contributed by: Baseman 

  5. Secret slide show options

    At the slide show menu (where it has those 2 faces spinning around and around) press the Select button. You'll see the letters 'BGM' at the top, and the word 'shuffle' on the bottom. Press Up to choose BGM which allows you to make the music while viewing the slide show classic or P.Voice, or press Down to shuffle the pictures while viewing the slide show so they're not in order. To get out of this, just press Select again.

    Contributed by: slimjim25c 

  6. Control scratching length in DJ mode

    Instead of just tapping A when you want to add your custom sound effect when mixing beats in DJ mode, hold A and your character will continue to scratch the record (without sound) until you let go.

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  7. Change the speed of Dancing Mario.

    At the title screen, you will see Mario dancing. Press Up on the D-Pad to make him dance faster, and Down to make him go slower.

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  8. Raise the flag in 'Run! Run! Run!'

    When you win in the 'Run! Run! Run!' minigame, tap A as fast as you can to raise the flag next to the podium.

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  9. Erase All Memory

    Before turning on the GB with the GB Camera, hold Start and Select. Turn on the game while holding those buttons, and it will prompt you to erase your game. Hit A to choose yes, or B for no. To delete all photos, enter the Animation Album menu, select the delete setting, then hold Select, Start and press Up to delete all photos. Press A to confirm or B to cancel.

    Contributed by: D.Schneider 

  10. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish 'Run! Run! Run!' in 22 seconds or less 'Real' Credits
    Get 2,000+ points in Space Fever II 'Run! Run! Run!' Secret Game
    Take 60 pictures with the camera Photo B17
    Delete 60 pictures from the camera Photo B18
    Transfer 5 pictures with other Game Boy cameras Photo B19
    Receive 5 pictures from 5 males Photo B20
    Receive 5 pictures from 5 females Photo B21
    Print 30 pictures from the camera Photo B22
    Score 3,000 points in Space Fever II Photo B23
    Score 5,000 points in Space Fever II Photo B24
    Score 7,000 points in Space Fever II Photo B25
    Score 500 points in Ball Photo B26
    Score 700 points in Ball Photo B27
    Score 1,000 points in Ball Photo B28
    Finish 'Run! Run! Run!' in 17 seconds or less Photo B29
    Transfer 15 photos to another GB Camera Photo B3
    Finish 'Run! Run! Run!' in 16 seconds or less Photo B30

    Contributed by: CAHowell, ohnoitschris, slimjim25c, Typh, Kyle Reese 

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