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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Cheats For 3DS

  1. Permanent STR stat gain

    Get a Sovereign to level 10 and put a point into Fire/Freeze/Shock arms. Cast the spell on a member of your party and it temporarily raises your STR by 3. Casting again will temporarily increase by 3 again, but permanently increase by 3 as well. This can be done until that party member has 999 STR.

    Contributed by: zeroleaf 

  2. Unparalyze Allies

    Want to remove paralysis without wasting item or TP? Simply walk into that character with the leader. They'll swap places, instantly removing the paralysis. Works at any time in the dungeon.

    Contributed by: Amira 

  3. BGM Test

    After beating the pre-credits storyline, viewing the credits, and returning to Aslarga, visit Magan's house and report the success of the seventh mission to him. He will give you a Music Box. This allows you to, from the title screen's Options menu, play the various background music tracks found in the game.

    This can be later expanded by visiting him again after the twelfth mission and obtaining the Music Disc key item, which adds 10 new tracks.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  4. Easily Evade DOEs

    During the course of the game, you are likely to run into one of the difficult DOE enemies; they are particularly difficult to beat if you're fighting them outside of the venue of a fort. If you happen to enter a floor that has a DOE on it, immediately use the staircase you just used to return to the previous floor, and then you can use the staircase on that floor next to where you begin. This will let the DOE rise two floors, however, so be sure a fort is ready at some point in the dungeon to block it; despite this, you can dodge by DOEs without battle!

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  5. Guild Card Emblems

    By meeting various achievements in your game, emblems will be emblazoned on your Guild Card to help signify to those you meet via StreetPass that you done the aforementioned acts. The requirements for each emblem are below.

    Complete the 5th Branch dungeon, Crystalline Peak Amateur Archaeologist
    Complete half of the requests from the Amber Restaurant (barring certain exclusions) Aslarga's Agent
    Complete a few requests from the Amber Restaurant (barring certain exclusions) Aslarga's Handyman
    Complete all requests from the Amber Restaurant (barring certain exclusions) Aslarga's Hero
    Complete the 10th Branch dungeon, Utopia Dragonlord
    Complete the 8th Branch dungeon, Forest of Gates Dungeon Consecrator
    Upgrade the Eatery District once Eatery Remodeler
    Upgrade the Eatery District to the maximum level Eatery Renovator
    Complete the 12th Branch dungeon, Champion's Hall Emberman Conquerer
    Record over 50% of the game's items at Stein Labs Expert Collector
    Record over 50% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs Expert Hunter
    Complete the 4th Branch dungeon, Haunted Woods Fort Destroyer
    Complete the 7th Branch dungeon, Muspelheim Grudge Mediator
    Upgrade the Guild District once Guild Remodeler
    Upgrade the Guild District to the maximum level Guild Renovator
    Upgrade the Hotel District once Hotel Remodeler
    Upgrade the Hotel District to the maximum level Hotel Renovator
    Complete every mystery dungeon around Aslarga Labyrinth Master
    Upgrade the Market District once Market Remodeler
    Upgrade the Market District to the maximum level Market Renovator
    Record 100% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs Master Collector
    Record 100% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs Master Hunter
    Record around 10% of the game's items at Stein Labs Novice Collector
    Record around 10% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs Novice Hunter
    Complete the 1st Branch dungeon, Mysterious Labyrinth Officially Recognized
    Complete the 2nd Branch dungeon, Emerald Copse Resource Reclaimer
    Complete the 9th Branch dungeon, Equinox Garden Two-Time Victor
    Complete the 11th Branch dungeon, Phantom Depths Tyrant Sater
    Complete the 3rd Branch dungeon, Pristine Stream VIP Savior
    Complete the 6th Branch dungeon, Torrential Ravine Yggdrasil Charter

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  6. Extra Dungeons

    Throughout the game, you will be able to taken on a number of requests optionally. Even though these are optional, a few will unlock additional dungeons for you to partake in, in turn opening up new kinds of enemies, materials, and requests to find! Below, you'll find a list of the dungeons and the request you're required to accept to unlock the dungeon.

    Accept the request "Monsters on the Animal Trail" Animal Trail
    Accept the request "Monsters at the Mountain Cleft" Mountain Cleft
    Accept the request "Monsters at the Ravine Fork" Ravine Fork
    Accept the request "Task at the Snowy Cavern" Snowy Cavern

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

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