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Elite Beat Agents Cheats For DS

  1. Congratulations Picture

    When you get the highest rank, there will be an extra congraulatory picture. It can also be viewed again in the gallery on the bottom right corner.

    Contributed by: dishyeh0 

  2. Commander Kahn's Sleep Mode Reprimand

    It is not possible to pause the game during the tutorial, but if you close your Nintendo DS system to put it into sleep mode during the tutorial, it will end prematurely once the system exits sleep mode, with Commander Kahn angrily reprimanding you for sleeping on the job.

    Contributed by: e_Z_752 

  3. Bonus Missions

    There are three bonus missions that can be unlocked by attaining certain ranks based on your total, cumulative high score. Once you unlock them on one difficult setting, they are open to all others.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Reach the 4th Rank - Captain of Soul with a high score total of 3 million Bonus Mission 1: Aspire!! Dancing to the Limelight (Cher - "Believe")
    Reach the 6th Rank - King of the Beat with a high score total of 10 million Bonus Mission 2: Here, Kitty, Kitty! Baby Hijinks!! (Jackson 5 - "ABC")
    Reach the 9th Rank - Legendary Agent with a high score total of 25 million Bonus Mission 3: The Last Laugh! Just A Peanut Matter! (Destiny's Child - "Survivor")

    Contributed by: firefdr 

  4. Replace Elite Beat Diva Starr with Commander Kahn on Hard ROCK! Difficulty

    Completing all missions successfully on all difficulty levels, regardless of performance score, will unlock the ability to replace the lead Elite Beat Diva, Starr, with Commander Kahn on Hard ROCK! difficulty. To use this feature, choose Hard ROCK! in the difficulty select screen and then tap an icon of Commander Kahn saying "GO" above the OK button. Commander Kahn will have the same animations as Starr. Unlocking Commander Kahn will also make him available for multiplayer, replacing Mr. X.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish every song in the game in every mode (Breezin', Crusin', Sweatin', Hard Rock!) Commander Kahn

    Contributed by: End_Of_Heart 

  5. Credits and "The End" image

    Clear the campaign on Hard ROCK! difficulty to unlock the ability to view the end credits at any time, which will end with a tribute image to the Agents and Divas and "The End" instead of "To be continued..." The credits can then be accessed by tapping a picture of Agent J above the "OK" button in the difficulty selection screen for the gallery in the Options menu.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Hard ROCK! difficulty Credits and "The End"

    Contributed by: __Mars__ 

  6. Unlockable Difficulty Levels

    At first, there will only be two difficulty levels, Breezin' and Cruisn'. Two other difficulty levels, Sweatin' and Hard ROCK! can be unlocked by completing all story missions.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear all missions on Sweatin' Difficulty Hard ROCK! Difficulty
    Clear all missions on Crusin' Difficulty Sweatin' Difficulty

    Contributed by: u8myrice 

  7. Mr. X (Multiplayer Only)

    Clearing the game on Sweatin' difficulty temporarily unlocks "Mr. X" as a multiplayer character. He appears in Commander Kahn's space, and is basically Kahn himself with a giant cat head. Mr. X will be available until Commander Kahn is unlocked, who will then replace him.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Sweatin' difficulty, but do not unlock Commander Kahn Mr. X

    Contributed by: KirbyKollector 

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