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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Cheats For DS

  1. Free Unlockable Monsters

    You will recieve a free Neutral monster in your monster pen when you reach a certan number of monsters whether you scouted or synthenised them, As long as you owned the monster it will count.

    have owned 100 different monsters Drakularge
    have owned 200 different monsters Grandpa Slime
    have owned 50 different monsters Great Argon Lizard
    have owned 150 different monsters Metal King Slime

    Contributed by: Nitemare667 

  2. Unlock Monsters through tagging

    In Dragon Quest VI you must activate Dreamsharing. In Dragon Quest IX you must activate Tag Mode.

    Tag Dragon Quest VI Malevolamp
    Tag Dragon Quest VI Mottle Slime
    Tag Dragon Quest VI Noble Gasbagon
    Tag Dragon Quest VI Overkilling Machine
    Tag Dragon Quest IX Shogum
    Tag Dragon Quest IX Slime Stack
    Tag Dragon Quest IX Teeny Sanguini

    Contributed by: NinjaMaster78, joshovis, Azn Playah