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DOOM RPG Cheats For Mobile

  1. Cheat code

    Effect Effect
    3666 activate the cheat menu

    Contributed by: angels_blade 

  2. Super Secret Password

    If you go through the game and collect all the super secret password clues, you will be able to enter the super secret room which is in level 6.

    Effect Effect
    2279 Enter the super secret room

    Contributed by: Mykal73 

  3. New cheat codes discovered!

    Doom RPG Hidden Cheat Codes: Use codes 43629 or 4332 during game play mode.

    43629 Health & Armor!
    4332 Weapons & Ammo!

    Contributed by: Gerardo194 

  4. Bonus Area (In Destroyed Junction)

    The Bonus Area is located behind a secret wall. Search the upper-left walls of the large cave area in the Destroyed Junction. It has a 7-digit password which happen to be the first seven numbers in the famous Fibonacci Sequence.

    Inside can be found three enemies (Baron, Revanant, Apollyon). The floor is covered with Berserker and Soul Sphere power-ups, a dog collar, a Flak Jacket, and large amounts of ammo for every gun.

    Effect Effect
    0112358 Opens Bonus Room

    Contributed by: ForsakenInhibit 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by tony8669 7K