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Don't Even Think Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    [Human] Launch 10 signal flares. Arrows of Daybreak
    [Werewolf] Level up the Bloodline Level to maximum 30 times. Bloodthirsty
    Equip Level 3 Helmet and Armor at the same time. Bring it on!
    [Werewolf] Defeat 50 players. Claws work Better
    [Human] Use Food items 50 times. Dinner Time
    Thank you for playing Don't Even Think! Don't Even Think
    [Human] Defeat 10 players who defeated your teammates. Don't touch my brother!
    [Human] Defeat 3 Werewolves with Sliver Bullets. Eat This!
    [Human] Win a match. Evacuation Complete
    [Human] Fire 5000 bullets. Excessive Consumption
    Loot from 50 different Loot Boxes. First come, first served
    [Human] Harvest 10 apples. Forbidden Fruit
    [Human] Defeat a Werewolf. I thought it was a dog
    Resuce 10 teammates. I'll carry you
    [Werewolf] Defeat 1 player during Dusk Phase. I'm NOT a Husky
    Defeat 10 players with Assault Rifle. Just Shoot
    Defeat 50 players in total. Just Stretching
    [Werewolf] Get an absolute victory. Let the Hunt Begin
    [Human] Loot 10 Gold-Grade weapons from loot boxes. Lucky Day
    [Werewolf] Successfully turn to Werewolf 50 times. Moonlit Night
    [Human] Defeat 10 players with Headshot. NOT in the face!
    Defeat 200 Players. One Man Army
    Get defeated 10 times without defeating any players. Parcel Delivered
    Recover health with First-Aid Kit for 10 times. Please follow the Prescription
    Defeat 10 players with Sniper Rifle. Precise Strike
    Finish 100 matches. Seasoned Soldier
    [Werewolf] Dodge 100 times. Sense of Rhythm
    Defeat 10 players with Shot Gun. Splattin' 'Em!
    [Werewolf] Devour 10 bodies. Tasty
    [Human] Ignite 10 different campfires. The Fire Never Fades
    Finish the first match. This is NOT a drill!
    [Werewolf] Trigger Werewolf skills 50 times. Violent Instincts
    [Human] Successfully evacuate within 20s of the Helicopter's arrival. VIP Express
    [Human] Survive for a total of 10 minutes while body temperature reaches 0. Where's My Parka
    Defeat at least 4 Players in a single match. Who's NEXT?!
    [Werewolf] Defeat 5 Players while the Armor remains 0. Without Protection
    Defeat 10 players with Melee Weapons. Works the Same
    [Human] Defeat 10 players while lying prone. You CAN'T see me!

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold