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Disney's Aladdin (1993) Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Extra Lives In The Bonus Stages

    When playing the bonus stage, where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine sit on the magical carpet for a ride, press the B button when the genie blinks for an easy 1-Up or 2-Up.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  2. See the Special Ending

    Finish the game with at least 50 red gems, and you'll get to see the Special Ending.

    Contributed by: Retro 

  3. Level Passwords

    Here are all the Passwords for the Game. All Passwords are the same regardless of how many Red Diamonds you've collected before the Password is revealed.

    Effect Effect
    Jasmine | Jafar | Sultan | Jasmine Bonus Level: Magic Carpet Ride
    Aladdin | Jasmine | Abu | Sultan Final Level: The Final Battle
    Genie | Abu | Aladdin | Sultan Level 2: Cave of Wonders
    Jafar | Abu | Jasmine | Genie Level 3: Escape from the Cave of Wonders
    Genie | Jafar | Aladdin | Abu Level 4: Inside Genie's Lamp
    Abu | Aladdin | Genie | Jasmine Level 5: Ancient Pyramid
    Jafar | Jasmine | Aladdin | Jafar Level 6: Jafar's Palace

    Contributed by: thegamemaster8 

  4. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Go to options and press L, R, Start, Select, X, Y, A, B on controller 2, exit, then hold L+R and use the D-Pad on Controller 1 Level Select

    Contributed by: LaxSean182 

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