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Defend Your Castle Cheats For Wii

  1. Unlockable modes.

    Click the name during the credits

    Unlockable Unlockable
    SMB3W4 Giant stick figure mode.
    Chuck Norris Tiny Units mode

    Contributed by: KupoDeadlyRave, shadowghx 

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by SirVG 7K

Defend Your Castle Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to receive a medal

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat 1,250 colossus invaders ... the Harder They Fall
    Erase 3 Catapults with one spell 3 Catapults, 1 Eraser
    Train 250 mages Abra Cadabera
    Hold 5 invaders in the air simultaneously Ambidexterity
    Fully upgrade your Archery Range Archers Are The Answer
    Train 250 craftsmen Awl Encompassing
    Earn 1,000,000 points Big Blingin'
    Train 1,000 archers Blocking Out The Sun
    Send out 25 demolition experts Blue Bomber, Away
    Train 1,000 craftsmen Build a Better Tomorrow
    Reach 2,000 maximum castle health Building It Bigger
    Defeat 25 exploding invaders Busting Caps
    Train 50 craftsmen Can We Fix It?
    Complete Round 50 on Normal Mode Castle Defender
    Play for 300 minutes total Castle Maniac
    Defeat 500 catapult invaders Cat-a-lystic!
    Defeat 10 catapult invaders Cat-a-strophic!
    Defeat 100 catapult invaders Cat-a-tonic!
    Earn 100,000 points Cha-Ching
    End a round with less than 10% castle health Close Call
    Reach 10,000 maximum castle health Colossal Fortification
    Fully upgrade your Stone Mason's shop Craftsmen For The Win
    Train 250 archers Death From Above
    Fully upgrade your Demolition Lab Demolitionists Have The Power
    Play up to Round 15 without training any units Doing It Solo
    Convert 100 units Get In Mah Bucket
    Play for 10 minutes total Gettin' the Hang of it
    Defeat 1,250 exploding invaders Gonna Need a Lot of Glue
    Complete Round 50 on Heroic Mode Hardcore Defender
    Train 50 mages Hocus Pocus
    Fully upgrade the Pit of Conversion I Love My Paint Can
    Allow a blue demolition expert to walk off the screen I Want to Live!
    Convert 500 units I Want to Paint It Blue
    Complete Round 20 or higher without taking damage Invincibility
    Toss and catch and invader 5 times Is That All You've Got?
    Train 50 archers It's Raining Arrows
    Defeat 250 exploding invaders Ka-Blooee!
    Train 1,000 mages Klaatu Barada Nikto
    Defeat 100 plain invaders Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
    Fully upgrade your Magical Arts Tower Mages Are Too Roxxor
    Use at least 20 spells in one round Magical Master
    Destroy 5 Colossus Invaders in one explosion Master of Disaster
    Reach 100,000 maximum castle health Monstrous Castle
    Earn 10,000 points Moolah
    View the entire game credits Paying Your Dues
    Convert 2,000 units Puppet Master
    Defeat 50 rammer invaders Rammer Time - Can't Ram This
    Defeat 5,000 plain invaders Seriously They're No Giving Up
    Send out 500 demolition experts Set Them Up The Bomb
    Intercept a Catapult projectile Sharp Shooter
    Defeat 500 rammer invaders Should Nave Used a Nail File
    Hold an invader in the air for 20 seconds Stick Torture
    Defeat 2,500 rammer invaders Take That Stick and Shove It
    Send out 10 Demo Experts within 5 seconds The Big Bang
    Defeat 250 colossus invaders The Bigger They Are
    Defeat 1,000 plain invaders They Just Keep Coming
    Play for 30 minutes total Thoroughly Addicted
    Send out 125 demolition experts Tick Tick Boom
    Finish a round without killing an invader by throwing Time to Relax
    Defeat 25 colossus invaders Was That a Bottle Cap?

    Contributed by: swampdragon322