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Conquest: Frontier Wars Cheats For PC

  1. Demo Cheat Codes

    To activate cheating press ''Enter'' and enter the following codes.

    Effect Effect
    Your chicks for free Building costs on/off
    I can see clearly now Clearing fog of discovery
    The Ultimate Doom Destroying player
    The Master Builders Fast building on/off
    The courage of the fearless crew Gives crew
    Do you smell something? Gives gas
    I want a raise Gives ore
    I am evil Homer Lose mission
    Some Great Reward Maxing out all of player's resources
    If they could see me now No fog of war
    I'll rip out your optics Normal fog of war
    spacebridge Unlocking missions
    A winner is you! Win mission

    Contributed by: ZurvanDun 

  2. Enable Cheating

    (Please note that some codes use case sensitive words, so if you enter them incorrectly the codes won't turn on) In order to use the codes, first you have to enable them. Hit 'enter' and then type in the following:

    Effect Effect
    Give the sushi to Sean Enable Cheating

    Contributed by: chinoyboi14